Why is he handing off key cases?

Why is he handing off key cases?

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Maxine Waters: Flag-Burning Protesters Furthered ‘Their Own Agenda’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) issued a statement Saturday responding to the counter-protesters who burned an American flag outside her Los Angeles, California, office Thursday, saying they were advancing “their own agendas.”

11 taxi drivers killed in South Africa ambush after attending funeral

At least 11 taxi drivers were killed and four others critically injured after gunmen opened fire on a minibus carrying the group from a funeral on Saturday, officials said.

U.S. Parents Raise Gender-Neutral ‘Theybies’ to Counteract Stereotypes

A group of parents in the United States has decided to raise their children in a gender-neutral way, allowing the children themselves to eventually self-identify as male or female.

Suspect in Trader Joe's deadly shooting ID'd; held on $2 million bail

By Katherine Lam Source:: Fox News National