Some Americans forced to forgo Christmas gifts due to inflation: Survey

A 2023 WalletHub holiday survey lays out the effects of inflation on Americans heading into the Christmas season.

Steelers’ Kenny Pickett expected to miss time as ankle injury needs surgery: reports

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett is expected to miss a few weeks, as he’s reportedly set to undergo ankle surgery to repair an injury he suffered on Sunday.

California homeowner shoots armed burglars, killing one: police

A Los Angeles homeowner fired upon three suspected burglars, killing one of them, during an attempted burglary early Saturday, police said.

Avian flu confirmed in California, 250,000 birds euthanized amid spread concerns

Animal disease experts are raising concern about the spread of the avian flu in the Bay Area after two farms in Sonoma County said they had to euthanize around 250,000 birds.

Simone Biles smooches Packers husband Jonathan Owens before game against Chiefs

Olympic great Simone Biles was on the sidelines to support husband Jonathan Owens as the Green Bay Packers took on the Kansas City Chiefs.

World Series-winning manager Jim Leyland elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Legendary MLB manager Jim Leyland was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday night via the contemporary era committee for managers, executives and umpires.

Yale Awards 80 Percent Of Grades In The A Range

Yale Awards 80 Percent Of Grades In The A Range

Authored by Jonathan Turley via,

We recently discussed the runaway grade inflation at Harvard where roughly 80 percent of grades were As. Now the Yale Daily News is repo…

Boy Demands Apple Reform ‘Offensive, Insulting’ Nerd Face Emoji

A ten-year-old boy from England has called upon the tech empire Apple to reform its “nerd face” emoji, arguing that it offensively represents those who wear glasses.

How Much Do Americans Trust The Media?

How Much Do Americans Trust The Media?

Media trust among Americans has reached its lowest point in six years.

Gallup began its survey on media trust in 1972, repeating it in 1974 and 1976. After a long period, the public opinion firm rest…

Buccaneers take down division rival Panthers to move up in NFC South

It was pouring in Tampa Bay on Sunday night, but the Buccaneers were able to take down their division-rival Carolina Panthers to move to second place in the NFC South