A “Lost Decade” Ahead For Markets?

A “Lost Decade” Ahead For Markets?

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com,

Is a “lost decade” ahead for markets? We and many others have discussed a topic regarding financial market valuations and forward returns. Now, hal…

Inclement weather forecast for South, Mississippi Valley

Severe weather is possible for the South and Mississippi Valley on Tuesday. The southern Plains and Gulf Coast states will continue to experience above-average heat.

California jewelry store employees fight off robbers: This is a ‘wake-up call’

Staff at a California jewelry store stopped a smash and grab robbery after thieves targeted the Orange County store in broad daylight.

Stacey Abrams ripped by GOP candidate for calling Georgia ‘worst state’: ‘It’s so embarrassing’

Jeremy Hunt called out Stacey Abrams on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday for “publicly shaming” Georgia — the state in which she is running for governor.

Futures Slide As Snap Forecast Steamrolls Rebound Optimism

Futures Slide As Snap Forecast Steamrolls Rebound Optimism

It’s not every day that a relatively small social media company (whose market cap is now less than Twitter) slashing guidance can send shockwaves across global markets and wipe out…

F1 driver Sebastian Vettel chased thieves on scooter after being robbed in Barcelona

Aston Martin Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel used the signal from his AirPods to track a bag that had been stolen from him in Barcelona.

Democratic socialist candidate slammed for calling on people to break into houses: ‘Why not just be lawless?’

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren slammed a Washington congressional candidate for promoting lawless behavior and discussed the ideologies of radical Democrats during a Tuesday appearance on ‘Fox & Friends First.’

Oh Snap: Social Media Stocks Set To Erase $100 Billion In Market Cap

Oh Snap: Social Media Stocks Set To Erase $100 Billion In Market Cap

US equity futures declined Tuesday as Snap Inc.’s profit warning hammered technology shares premarket. 

As of 0615 ET, Snap shares plunged 29% in premarket trading — if…

Border Patrol Let Suspected Terrorist Remain in U.S. for Two Weeks: Report

Garcia-Amado was allowed to remain in the country for 13 days before he was arrested.

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy warns of ‘difficult’ fight with Russia in coming weeks: ‘Total war’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns war against Russia will be “diffiuclt” as fighting continues.