Maine man charged with murder of 2-year-old niece struck by gunfire during family dispute

Maine 19-year-old suspect Andrew Huber-Young is charged with the murder of his 2-year-old niece after allegedly opening fire during a family dispute at his father’s home.

AOC aims to remake NY State Assembly with 9 endorsements

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsements push to replace moderate Democrats with radical Progressives in the New York State Assembly.

Navalny: Russia’s Ukraine invasion is Putin’s ‘stupid war’

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin, delivered a court address calling Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine a “stupid war”

Mexican hotel shooting by hooded gunmen leaves 11 dead, 5 wounded: report

A shooting attack at a hotel and bar in the central Mexico state of Guanajuato left at least 11 people dead and another five wounded Monday evening.

Grilled salmon skewers for summer barbecues: Try the recipe

This summer, try this tasty salmon skewers recipe from Fulton Fish Market.

Truckload Spot-Rates Tank Fast Thanks To Soaring Fuel-Costs

Truckload Spot-Rates Tank Fast Thanks To Soaring Fuel-Costs

By Zach Strickland, FreightWaves Market Expert and Analyst,

Truckload spot rates for dry van freight (NTI) have plummeted 18% since the start of the year, but if you remove fuel …

Joe Biden’s China-Taiwan gaffe just latest mistake that could start a war

President Biden went off script when speaking about China and Taiwan in Japan on Monday. It was another verbal disaster.

Can We Make It Eight?

Can We Make It Eight?

The sheer relentlessness of the equity market sell-off continued apace last week with the Dow capping off its first run of 8 successive weekly declines since 1923. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 saw its first run of 7 success…

Biden’s Taiwan-China remarks show ‘amateur-hour’ at White House: Gordon Chang

Biden has faced scrutiny over his Taiwan-China remarks after the White House was forced to clarify his pledge to defend the island nation against China

Moderate Democrats warn about ‘reckless’ effort to lift Title 42, as Biden admin doubles down with appeal

Moderate Democrats are urging the White House to come up with a better plan to handle the fallout from ending Title 42.