Texas School District Arming Guards with AR-15s to Keep Students Safe

The Texas City, Texas, school district is arming guards with AR-15s in a bid to be the safest school system in the United States.

Gay couple demands new law to FORCE Christian business to prepare their taxes!!

A couple in Indiana is demanding that somebody somewhere pass a law to FORCE Christian businesses to do their damn taxes!!! From ABC News: A newlywed same-sex couple in Russiaville, Indiana, were . . .

NY Times’ Columnist David Brooks Warns Democrats Against Pushing for Green New Deal, Medicare for All

Friday on PBS’s “NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks described overtures from Democratic politicians to expand the role of government, particularly when it comes to health care and the remaking of the American economy in the name of environmentalism “craziness.” Brooks said he was a proponent government doing more for some that needed to help to a certain extent, but argued beyond that it could have the effect of turning off a lot of Americans. “I think it’s craziness, what they’re doing,” Brooks said. “I would make a distinction between government that provides a safety net for people who — when bad things happen to them that they can’t do anything about, who are born in less fortunate circumstances. So, if you want government to hand checks to seniors through Social Security, sign me up. If you want earned income tax credits to raise the wages of lower-earning workers, sign me up. If you want wage subsidies, I’m for all that stuff. But I think you will find a lot of Americans don’t like the idea of government taking over large sectors of American industry and very complicated sectors of our society.” “I think when Bernie Sanders says Medicare for

Woman Claims She Is a Victim After Allegedly Assaulting MAGA Hat Customer

A Massachusetts woman arrested for allegedly assaulting a man in a Mexican restaurant wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat claimed she was the victim in the incident.

Job Creators Network Fires Back at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with Two More Times Square Billboards

The Job Creators Network fired back at Democratic Rep. (D-NY) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with two more billboards in the heart of Times Square, this time roasting the left-wing Democrat after she attacked the group on social media.

Utility cancels $130 million in worker performance bonuses

Northern California utility Pacific Gas & Electric said it won’t award $130 million in employee bonuses because of its recent bankruptcy filing, a newspaper reported Saturday.

Russia will pay a big price for arms control treaty violations

By violating a nuclear arms control treaty, Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the U.S. and other NATO nations another reason to continue economic sanctions on Russia that were imposed after it seized Crimea from Ukraine.