Tammy Bruce: Bernie Sanders’ cynical move — When pols try to win over terrorists, drug dealers, look out

What could go wrong when politicians try to win the support of terrorists, murderers, rapists and drug dealers?

Secretary Wilson, Gen. Goldfein: Air Force must be bigger, more ready and more lethal

The Air Force has been continuously engaged in combat across the globe since 2001 and is simply too small for what the nation asks it to do.

Café that charged a ‘man tax’ and gave women priority seating is going out of business

A lesbian-owned, vegan coffee shop in Brunswick, Australia, that made international headlines in 2017 for charging a voluntary 18 percent “man tax” will close its doors for good Sunday after less than two years in business.

Clippers cut Warriors’ lead to 3-2; Rockets advance

Lou Williams hit a fadeaway jumper with 1:29 left and finished with 33 points and 10 assists, the Warriors uncharacteristically clanked shots much of the second half and couldn’t make key stops, and the Los Angeles Clippers sent their first-round series back home with a 129-121 Game 5 win over Golden State on Wednesday night.

Afghan official says Taliban ambush police convoy, kills 9

An Afghan official says the Taliban ambushed a security convoy, killing nine policemen in western Farah province.

Trump vows to defy Hill subpoenas, but will the public care?

Will average voters share Democrats’ view that constitutional principles and the separation of powers are on the line?

Trump agrees with AOC that VA ‘isn’t broken,’ but only because of his administration

President Trump on Wednesday said he agreed with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that the Department of Veteran Affairs doesn’t need fixing, but qualified that his administration was responsible for making it better.

French police experts start Notre Dame checks after fire

French police scientists and other expert investigators are starting to examine Notre Dame Cathedral for the first time since last week’s devastating fire.