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Pentagon: U.S. Airstrike Kills 2 Senior ISIS Commanders In Iraq

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S.-led coalition air strike killed Islamic State’s deputy minister of war and a military commander in Mosul on June 25, a Pentagon official said on Friday.
The strike near Mosul killed Basim Muhammad Ahmad Sultan al-Bajari, …

Public Schools Told To Help Students ‘Recover’ From Trump Rhetoric

Daily Caller, by Blake Neff Posted By: Tianne- Fri, 01 43 2016 08:43:13 GMT An official in the Washington education department has sent an email to the state’s schools urging them to prepare students for “increasing levels of fear and anxiety” because of the so-called “Trump effect. Teachers are told to create “safe places,” plan for “recovery” from election rhetoric, incorporate election-related lessons in the classroom, and provide students with “protection” who are exposed to the rhetoric. The email, which was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation, was sent out by Mike Donlin, program supervisor of the School Safety Center for the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Donlin sent the email to a mailing list of school officials in charge of complying with state law concerning harassment, intimidation, and bullying in schools.

Lynch: ´I have not seen´ Ferguson effect

Washington Examiner, by Pete Kasperowicz Posted By: KarenJ1- Fri, 01 48 2016 08:48:24 GMT Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Friday that she hasn´t seen evidence that police around the country are less likely to do their jobs and confront possible law’breakers over fears that they might be charged with police brutality. Earlier this year, FBI Director James Comey said he believed there is a “Ferguson effect” hitting police, named after the unrest that happened in 2014 when a Missouri cop shot and killed a black teenager, Michael Brown. Lynch didn´t dismiss that claim, but said she has not seen anything resembling that in her experience. “I have not seen that,” she said Friday at the Aspen Ideas

N.Y. Daily News columnist Gersh Kuntzman: ‘God Bless America’ offends everyone

Washington Times, by Victor Morton Posted By: Tianne- Fri, 01 50 2016 08:50:08 GMT A New York Daily News sports columnist called “God Bless America” a song that “offends everyone” and called the post 9/11 tradition of playing it at baseball games a fascist exercise honoring a god who doesn’t exist. In a column titled “Major League Baseball must permanently retire ‘God Bless America,’ a song that offends everyone,” columnist Gersh Kuntzman denounced the practice of playing it during the seventh’inning at major’league and other parks along with “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and called the song itself silly. He compared the patriotic ritual to a fascist rally, saying “Part of my outrage stems

Clinton sought secret info on EU bailout plans as son’in’law´s doomed hedge fund gambled on Greece

Fox News, by Peter Byrne Posted By: KarenJ1- Fri, 01 59 2016 08:59:20 GMT Hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky had friends in high places when he bet big on a Greek economic recovery, but even the keen interest of his mother’in’law, then’Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wasn´t enough to spare him and his investors from financial tragedy. In 2012, Mezvinski, the husband of Chelsea Clinton, created a $325 million basket of offshore funds under the Eaglevale Partners banner through a special arrangement with investment bank Goldman Sachs. (Snip) But newly released emails from 2012 show that she and Clinton Foundation consultant, Sidney Blumenthal, shared classified information about how German leadership viewed the prospects for

Vacation Glutton Michelle’s June Jaunt

American Thinker, by Jeannie DeAngelis Posted By: Tianne- Fri, 01 13 2016 09:13:54 GMT Over the last 8 years, Michelle Obama has evolved into an exemplary world traveler. Compliments of the struggling U.S. taxpayer, the FLOTUS consistently indulges in at least five or six multi’million dollar vacations per year. In March, if things get boring, Michelle, mother Marian, and daughters Sasha and Malia, either fly solo or use Dad (if he’s not golfing) as an excuse to pamper their weary bones with an all expense paid “working vacation.” Like clockwork, the girl gang jets off to destinations such as Cuba, China, Japan, Qatar, Argentina or Cambodia. Predictably, there’s always a June pre’Martha’s Vineyard vacation where Michelle

Trump: Bill Clinton ´opened up a Pandora´s box´ with Lynch meeting

Washington Examiner, by Al Weaver Posted By: JoniTx- Fri, 01 15 2016 09:15:18 GMT Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump argued Friday that former President Bill Clinton “opened up a Pandora´s box” by meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch earlier in the week in Phoenix. Trump, who was speaking at the Western Conservatives Summit in Denver, openly wondered to attendees if the former president and Lynch were really discussing golf and grandchildren, as Lynch suggested. The real estate tycoon also mockingly said that it was “just a coincidence” that the two were at the same airport at the same time, adding that he thought it was a joke when the news broke initially. “Bill Clinton

Breaking News: Pro’ISIS twitter account threatens attacks at London Heathrow, Los Angeles and New York´s JFK airports on July 4 weekend

Daily Mail [UK], by Charlie Moore Posted By: Attercliffe- Fri, 01 21 2016 09:21:26 GMT A pro’ISIS twitter account has threatened attacks at London Heathrow, LAX and New York´s JFK airports on the July 4 weekend. The account threatened attacks on planes ´flying from Heathrow [Airport] to the US´ and warned that ´there will be a device placed in either Heathrow, LAX or JFK airports.´ The threat was revealed by SITE Intelligence Group ‘ the world´s leading non’governmental counterterrorism organization ‘ on its website. The group is directed by founder Rita Katz, who has tracked and analyzed global terrorism and jihadi networks for nearly two decades. She is well’recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and reliable experts

Benghazi Victim’s Widow: Hillary ‘Has No Right’ To Tell Me To ‘Move On’ [Video]

Daily Caller, by Chuck Ross Posted By: JoniTx- Fri, 01 27 2016 09:27:58 GMT The widow of one of the four Americans killed in the Benghazi attacks says that Hillary Clinton “has no right” to say it is time to “move on” in the wake of a congressional report released earlier this week. “I think that nobody in government can tell me how I feel, what I should feel about it. She has no right, nor does anyone in government have a right to tell me it’s time to move on,” Dr. Dorothy Woods told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Thursday. Woods’ husband Tyrone was one of the former Navy SEALs killed during the Sept.