Horse hoisted to safety after getting stuck in dumpster

A horse was hoisted to safety Friday after getting trapped inside a dumpster at an equestrian center in Southern California, according to reports. 

Stabbing attack on three US Marines gets defendant 4-year prison sentence

A California man was sentenced to four years in prison for stabbing three Marines outside a bar in August, according to reports.

Russian hackers, firewall check-ups and more: Tech Q&A

I want to send my hot girlfriend secret love messages. Is it possible to do this so when my wife snoops on my email, she thinks it is just a picture?

Majority of Facebook users don’t understand how ad targeting works

About half of Facebook users are uncomfortable with how the social media site targets them for ads while a smaller number don’t like how their political leanings are described, new research says.

Kamala Harris’ record as ‘progressive prosecutor’ facing new scrutiny as she eyes 2020 run

As speculation grows over U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris’s presidential aspirations, the California Democrat’s record as a prosecutor and state attorney general are attracting new scrutiny.

Dems’ $600G media campaign suggests Trump right about his foes using shutdown for 2020 strategy

A Democratic group aligned with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is launching a $600,000 media campaign attacking Republican senators up for reelection in 2020 over a government shutdown that entered its 28th day Saturday.

The President Will Make An Announcement This Afternoon

After days of bitter clashes between Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it was unclear if progress is being made.

Mueller’s BuzzFeed smackdown prompts press, pundits to pile on

Special counsel Robert Mueller released a statement late Friday disputing a report by media outlet BuzzFeed and promptly sending the media – which had been trying all day to match the bombshell report claiming President Trump had told his lawyer to lie to Congress –  into a frenzy.