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College golfer withdraws from NCAA championships after tee goes through foot

Gregory Solhaug, a junior from Oregon University, was forced to withdraw from the NCAA championships after a tee impaled his foot on Saturday.

Natalee Holloway suspect Joran van der Sloot beaten in prison, lawyer says, and requests better security

Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, was allegedly beaten in prison and his lawyer is requesting better security for his client.

Latvia declares national holiday after beating USA for bronze medal in hockey World Championship

After winning the country’s first medal in International Ice Hockey Federation competition, Latvia government officials made Monday a national holiday.

Furry fury as convention goes 18+ in reaction to DeSantis law: ‘Heartbreaking’

Megaplex, a furry convention, announce Wednesday that it would be restricting its attendance to adults 18 and older due to Florida’s “adult entertainment” laws.

Memorial Day poppy flower display honors fallen veterans

An installment has put hundreds of thousands of poppy flowers on exhibit to honor our fallen services members from all generations and to thank them.

Biden brushes off Republicans’ defense spending concerns over debt ceiling deal, suggests deal could be made

President Biden responded to GOP criticism over the defense spending included in the bipartisan debt limit deal, telling reporters he had “no doubt” they could increase it if needed.

Shania Twain’s Hollywood concert draws a photobombing Tom Hanks, crying Dax Shepard

Shania Twain’s show at the Hollywood Bowl was packed with celebrities, including two famous couples in Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard and Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Camera crane swings into action, knocking climate protester to the ground during live Swedish dance show

A cameraman knocked over a climate activist who ran on stage and held up a “restore wetlands” banner during a Swedish dance show on TV4 Friday.

Florida man arrested after allegedly pouring gas on another man and lighting him on fire: police

A Tampa, Florida man was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder after he poured gas on a man and set him on fire, according to police.

Ottawa woman, 96, sets world record with blazing 5K race

Rejeanne Fairhead, a 96-year-old woman from Ottawa, walked a five-kilometer race in 51:09, the fastest 5K ever by a woman aged 95-99.