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GRAPHIC WARNING – WATCH: Body Camera Footage of Paul Pelosi Attack Released

The San Francisco Superior Court on Friday released shocking footage of the attack on 82-year-old Paul Pelosi, the husband of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in their San Francisco, California home last fall.

Two Suspects Charged in Connection with Alleged Rape of LSU Student Released on Bond

Two male suspects who were charged in connection with the alleged rape of Louisiana State University sorority student Madison Brooks, 19, who was later struck and killed by a car the same night, were released on bond Tuesday.

Dershowitz: A Technological Solution to the Classification Problem

Simple common sense suggests that the stamp that is now placed on classified material can be made to contain an electronic tracking device.

DOJ: Google’s Buyout of Online Ads Giant DoubleClick Started Its ‘March to Monopoly’

The DOJ claims in a recent lawsuit that Google’s 2007 acquisition of internet advertising giant DoubleClick was the beginning of the company’s alleged ad monopoly. The DoubleClick purchase started a spending spree by the Masters of the Universe that in…

‘Functionally Illiterate’ Officers Recruited by London’s Met Police to Increase Diversity

London’s Metropolitan Police recruited officers who are “functionally illiterate” in order to increase diversity, a watchdog has admitted.

Family Sues Colorado Assisted Living Center After 97-Year-Old Woman Freezes to Death Outside

A family has filed a lawsuit against an assisted living center in Louisville, Colorado, after a 97-year-old woman froze to death outside the facility last year.

Dutch Government Tells Workers to Stay Off Chinese Platform TikTok

The Dutch government has reportedly told public authorities to refrain from using Chinese social media platform TikTok over data security fears.

Clemson Guard Brevin Galloway Sidelined with Unusual Injury: ‘My Balls Exploded’

Clemson’s Brevin Galloway added some colorful and painful details to the “abdominal issues” that sent him to the hospital Thursday night.

Michigan Man Shot Dead After Allegedly Opening Fire on Police Helicopter

A Detroit, Michigan, man was shot dead Tuesday around 8:30 p.m. after allegedly pointing a green laser at a police helicopter, then opening fire on it as it hovered above his house.

Comrade Electric: Elon Musk Says China ‘Works Hardest, Smartest’

Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk recently continued his trend of praising Communist China, stating that a Chinese car maker is “most likely to be second” in breaking into the EV market in the way that Tesla has as they “work the hardest, and they …