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Donald Trump Thanks Those Who Gave ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’ in Memorial Day Message

Former President Donald Trump posted a Memorial Day message on Monday, thanking those who gave the “ultimate sacrifice” for the country they love while warning that the fight continues as the country remains in great peril.

Judge Temporarily Blocks South Carolina’s 6-Week Abortion Restriction

A judge on Friday temporarily blocked South Carolina’s six-week abortion restriction until the state Supreme Court reviews the law. 

WATCH: CUNY Law Valedictorian Blasts ‘White Supremacy’, ‘Israel’, ‘Fascist NYPD’, ‘Military’

Fatima Mousa Mohammed, the valedictorian of the Class of 2023 at the City University of New York’s (CUNY) law school, used her speech to attack the law as a tool of “white supremacy,” and to attack Israel and the police.

Police: Two 2-Year-Olds Shot Hours Apart in Chicago

Two 2-year-olds were wounded in separate shootings that occurred just hours apart in Chicago on Sunday evening, ABC 7/Chicago Sun-Times reported. 

WATCH: Dozens of A’s Fight it Out in Wild Melee Outside Stadium

Multiple groups of A’s fans beat each other up outside Oakland-Alameda County Stadium last weekend as security tried in vain to break it up.

White House: Progressives Should Support Debt Bill Because of Items It Doesn’t Repeal, Avoiding Default

On Monday’s broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt reacted to concerns about the debt ceiling agreement from the Progressive Caucus by stating that they should support the bill because it preve…

Poll: Importance of Memorial Day ‘Rated Higher Than Ever’

While Americans consistently rank Christmas as the most important holiday, followed by the Fourth of July, the importance of Memorial Day is “rated higher than ever,” Rasmussen Reports found.

Designer of Satanist Apparel Says ‘I Don’t Believe in Satan’ After Target Pulls Brand’s Merchandise

The designer behind the brand Abprallen claims she is not a Satanist following Target severing ties, despite the fact that the brand sells an array of items modeled after the Satanist figure Baphomet and writing about what Satan means in a post on Inst…

Brazil Welcomes Venezuelan Socialist Dictator Maduro

Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro arrived in Brazil on Sunday to meet with his radical leftist counterpart Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as part of the Maduro regime’s efforts to “re-establish strategic bilateral alliances” between Venezuela an…

Infant Placed in Tennessee’s First Safe Haven Baby Box 30 Minutes After Birth

A baby boy was left inside Tennessee’s first Safe Haven Baby Box early Saturday morning, approximately 30 minutes after his birth, according to the Knoxville Fire Department.