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Blake Masters Blasts Mark Kelly for ‘Pretending’ to Care About the Fentanyl Crisis

Blake Masters tore into Mark Kelly for “pretending” to care about the fentanyl crisis right before the election after years of inaction.

Nolte: Democrat Liz Cheney Campaigns Against Arizona GOP

Only NBC would declare it news when a Democrat like Liz Cheney campaigns against two Arizona Republicans.

Exclusive–Republican National Committee Sues Maricopa County for Shutting Out Republican Poll Workers

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Republican Party of Arizona (RPAZ) filed two lawsuits against Maricopa County, Arizona.

Rising Gas Prices Plague Democrats Five Weeks from Election 

Gas prices have begun to rise again throughout the nation by as much as 50 cents in the last week, plaguing Democrats who were likely hoping prices would not factor into the minds of voters before the midterm election.

Blake Masters Blasts Mark Kelly for Inaction on Border, Fentanyl Crisis

Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters blasted Democrat incumbent Mark Kelly for pretending to care about the border crisis and fentanyl epidemic after years of inaction.