Maybe Biden Isn’t Such a Kind-Hearted, Wise Statesman after All

The empathizer-in-chief and savior of democracy has become, in a matter of about two weeks, a clueless and selfish threat to all that Democrats hold dear.

No, the AI Industry Is Not Monopolized

Calls for government regulators to intervene in the emerging market are misguided.

Is Carbon Capture Big Oil’s Next Pay Day?

Is Carbon Capture Big Oil’s Next Pay Day?

Authored by Craig B. Smith & William D. Fletcher via RealClearEnergy,


Carbon capture and storage — the concept of sucking carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and storing it unde…

Fox News Digital’s News Quiz: July 12, 2024

This is the fastest-growing city in America, and this star revealed the FBI once made an unexpected visit to his home. Test your knowledge with the Fox News Digital News Quiz!

Mapping Americans’ Energy Costs By State In 2024

Mapping Americans’ Energy Costs By State In 2024

Despite the average energy consumption per person trending downward since 2000, energy cost still represents a significant part of American household budgets.

This map, via Visual Capitalis…

1 dead, 2 missing after tourist helicopter crashes off coast of Hawaiian island

One person was killed and two remain missing after a helicopter with Ali‘i Kaua‘i Air Tours and Charters crashed into the water off the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i on Thursday.

Hollywood Hearts (and Wallets) Abandoning Joe Biden

The most powerful chemical in the solvent driving a presidential campaign is money. Lots and lots of money. Hollywood has traditionally been a steadfast financial pillar for Democratic candidates yet more and more of its gilded elites are rejecting Joe…

Poll: Catholics Reject Church’s Pro-Migration Policies

A plurality of Catholics want less immigration, contradicting the bishops’ activist support for President Joe Biden’s mass migration, according to a June 2024 report by a church-affiliated survey team.
The post Poll: Catholics Reject Church’s Pro…

Viral food critic Kevin Noparvar can change a restaurant’s fortune – from his car

Kevin Noparvar, better known as @how.kev.eats across social media, has piled up 3.4 million followers on TikTok alone and has massive followings on Instagram and YouTube.

Visiting a US national park this summer? Once there, don’t do this or you’ll be fined

The National Park Service preserves natural and cultural resources and prohibits visitors from picking wildflowers from its 429 parks nationwide with fines costing up to $250.