Never Trump’s Bill Kristol Calls for Presidential Debates to Be Canceled

Never Trump stalwart Bill Kristol, the former editor and founder of the now-defunct Weekly Standard, tweeted Tuesday that the presidential debates should be canceled in favor of three vice presidential debates.

“Anti-Semite” Ilhan Omar & “QAnon Believer” Marjorie Taylor Greene Win Tuesday-Night Primaries

“Anti-Semite” Ilhan Omar & “QAnon Believer” Marjorie Taylor Greene Win Tuesday-Night Primaries

Tyler Durden

Wed, 08/12/2020 – 06:35

Tuesday night was an interesting one in the seemingly endless stream of state primaries that have…

NASA Goes Boldly Where Many Have Gone Before: into Political Correctness

NASA considers names such as the Eskimo Nebula colonialist and discriminatory.

What Canada’s Response to the Pandemic Says about Canada — and the U.S.

Canada’s docility helped in the short run. It will hurt in the long run.

The American Misunderstanding of Natural Rights

The entire ideological edifice of classical liberalism has been constructed exclusively with borrowed capital from the Christian Church.

How Houston Defied Doomsday COVID Predictions

Houston’s approach is a model for how hospital systems should handle intense case surges.

<i>Summerland</i>’s Progressive Sentimentality

Poor storytelling and cliché romance expose a filmmaker’s predictable agenda.

Macron: Loved Abroad, Loathed at Home

In Lebanon and elsewhere, the French president’s foreign policy has proven masterful. But his domestic failures spoil his achievements abroad.

We Can Reopen Our Schools Safely

Open schools are vital to an open country.

Wanted by Beijing: An American Citizen Is Charged under Hong Kong National-Security Law

Samuel Chu on what the new law means for Hong Kong, China, and the world