Wow check out this UNHINGED video of liberal crying about how Cocaine Mitch treated activist kids!

By now you’ve all seen the amaaaazing Sunrise Movement video where Senator Dianne Feinstein slaps down some whiny little propagandized kids on climate change and if you haven’t you need to STOP . . .

Exclusive — ‘Unplanned’ Filmmakers Explain Surprise R-Rating: ‘We Made a Pro-Life Movie in a Pro-Choice Town’

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave the upcoming abortion movie Unplanned an R-rating Friday, citing “some disturbing, bloody images.” But the movie’s filmmakers fear the rating is motivated by politics.

Pentagon officials tour border wall to determine stability of area

Top defense officials toured sections of the U.S.-Mexico border Saturday to analyze if reinforcement efforts are needed to block drug smuggling and other illegal activity, as the Pentagon weighs diverting billions of dollars for President Donald Trump’…

Has Obama become a conservative?

President Obama sounded like a conservative Tuesday at the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Summit in Oakland, Calif., when he addressed hundreds of young men of color alongside basketball superstar Steph Curry.

Mueller Filing: Manafort ‘Brazenly Violated The Law For Years’

“His crimes … remarkably went unabated even after indictment,” prosecutors wrote.

Bernie Sanders Admits Socialist Venezuela in ‘Serious Humanitarian Crisis’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has admitted that the socialist country of Venezuela is experiencing a “serious humanitarian crisis” and has called on the Maduro regime to stop using violence against those attempting to bring aid into the country.