China Grants Medical Parole To Jailed Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo

BEIJING, June 26 (Reuters) – Chinese Nobel Peace Prize-winning rights activist Liu Xiaobo has been released from prison on medical parole and is being treated in hospital for late-stage liver cancer, his lawyer said on Monday in messages seen by Reute…

Conservative’s Story About ‘How Republicans Are Born’ Backfires Spectacularly

Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist seemed to think he had the perfect example to explain his problem with taxes, and to illustrate ― as he put it ― “how Republicans are born.”

On Sunday, the head of the conservative Americans for Tax Reform wrote on Twitter

How Republicans are born…
Daughter, 8, has been savings up to buy her first Guitar.
Found it for $35. She had 35 exact.
Then…sales tax

— Grover Norquist (@GroverNorquist) June 25, 2017

The post quickly went viral, but probably not for the reasons Norquist expected. Of the more than 4,500 comments, many explained exactly what the tax on that guitar would be used for.

Here are some examples: 

Did you mention that you drove her to the guitar store on roads that were partly funded by sales taxes?

— John Schwartz (@jswatz) June 25, 2017

In a car which only has seat belts preventing you from being badly injured in the event of a crash due to taxpayer funded regulations?

— ☪️ Charles Gaba ✡️ (@charles_gaba) June 25, 2017

or those same taxes that pay for emergency services that will respond if you do get in an accident?

— Steve J (@SteveoCO21) June 25, 2017

And fix potholes etc that reduce the chance that we will have accidents.

— Holly Taggart (@holly_taggart) June 25, 2017

And using traffic lights which are installed by municipalities that greatly reduce the risk of death when driving?

— Shannon Copeland (@shinyshannon73) June 25, 2017

And using side walks that are paid by the city from tax payers dollars?

— Keith (@Political_5000) June 25, 2017

And police that protect her from being robbed of her cash.

— Liberal (@progressivehere) June 25, 2017

And firefighters and EMTs to provide emergency medical services that are paid for in part by sales tax.

— Yerba Dog (@YerbaDog) June 25, 2017

And were able to send this tweet due to government research and investment in the internet

— Ferdinand Chubb (@FerdinandChubb) June 25, 2017

How bout the taxes that fund public elementary school music programs that provide a necessary foundation for our guitar teachers?

— Peter Butler (@mrgrimm) June 26, 2017

And the library where she could go to research why we pay taxes?

— ❄️Texas Resistance❄️ (@janet79015) June 25, 2017

And that she doesn’t have to go potty outdoors bc of extensive sewer system paid by tax dollars? ‘Daddy where does poop go when u flush?”

— Rick (@RicknShira) June 26, 2017

Translation: “How Republicans are born…
Not doing their research and blaming strangers for their own ignorance.”

— Pete Forester (@pete_forester) June 26, 2017

Here’s some of the reaction to the reaction: 

This whole thread:

— I Am the Cheese (@illuminarts1972) June 26, 2017

These replies are better than the last book I read.

— Seth Kaplan (@Seth_Kaplan) June 25, 2017

I love every single one of you on this thread. This is amazing.

— Lauren Segars (@lauren_segars) June 25, 2017

— R.P. McMurphy (@goodbyemrburton) June 25, 2017

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‘Incredible Hulk’ Star Lou Ferrigno Comes To The Rescue When Fan Has Seizure

“The Incredible Hulk” actor Lou Ferrigno transformed into a real life hero ― again ― by helping a fan who was suffering from a seizure. 

Frank McAlister wrote on Facebook that his son, Ted, experienced the seizure while speaking to the actor and bodybuilder at FanBoy Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee over the weekend. 

“Mr. Ferrigno touched me on the shoulder and said that Ted was trying to tell him something that he couldn’t understand,” McAlister wrote. “I turned and knew immediately that Ted was having a seizure and I told Mr. Ferrigno what the problem was and I needed to get to him.”

As it turned out, Ted was in good hands. 

Ferrigno is a reserve deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and volunteers for the Montrose Search and Rescue Team. Last year, he helped to save a motorist who drove off a cliff.

“I’ve been a sheriff for 12 years,” Ferrigno told the Knoxville News Sentinel. “So I deal with this situation.”

McAlister wrote that the actor took quick action, clearing his booth so Ted could sit, and calling for medics.

“The Incredible Hulk made sure that I had everything that I needed,” McAlister wrote. “When Ted started to come around and started to get up, the Big Man reached down his hand and assisted me as Ted stood.” 

He even escorted Ted, McAllister and the EMT to the restroom. 

It’s funny it happened at my table and it’s like, I’m glad it happened here because he was at the right place, knowing that he would be OK,” Ferrigno told the Knoxville News Sentinel. “If it was a strange environment, in the street, he could have died.” 

Once medics declared that Ted would be fine, Ferrigno invited him and his father to come back to the booth for another picture.

“Talk about a real life action hero!” McAllister wrote. “This man is the real deal. It was an absolute honor to shake his hand and a greater honor to say Thank You to a gentle Giant.”

Ferrigno has played The Hulk several times, most famously in the 1977-1982 TV series also starring Bill Bixby, who played Dr. David Banner.

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AP: Authorities delayed investigating gay 'demons' case

By MITCH WEISS and HOLBROOK MOHR Source:: Fox News National