Trump Claims European Nations Will Take Back ISIS Prisoners

Trump Claims European Nations Will Take Back ISIS Prisoners

Following reports that several high-value ISIS prisoners and their families had escaped Kurdish detention facilities during the chaos that has dominated northeastern Syria over th…

Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with Chinese regulators after pulling controversial app

Apple CEO Tim Cook has met with Chinese regulators after the tech giant pulled a controversial app from its app store earlier this month.

Trump calls to congratulate ‘brilliant’ NASA astronauts during their historic all-female spacewalk

President Donald Trump called NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir during their historic first all-female spacewalk Friday.

Income Inequality Has Soared While Taxes Have Become Dramatically Less Progressive . . . or Not

The New York Times eagerly pushed a narrative with massive holes.

Bacterial disease sickening dogs in Colorado can spread to humans, vet says

A bacterial disease that can spread to humans is reportedly sickening dogs in Colorado, a veterinarian in the state recently said. 

Impeachment Bluff – Who Holds The Cards?

Impeachment Bluff – Who Holds The Cards?

Authored by Sarah Cowgill via,

It’s all about the bluff – or so it appears – as the House of Representatives declines to officially vote on pursuing formal impeachment proceedings…

Democrats Think They Can Win without You

When a Democrat and a Republican get into a bidding war for the vote of a conservative, the Republican is almost always going to win.

Green New Deal Update: Democrats Spend Big on Private Flights

The Democratic Party’s presidential candidates may support the “Green New Deal,” and an end to fossil fuels, but all of the frontrunners are spending large amounts of money on private flights as they jet around the campaign trail.

Justice Department Crushes Global Porn Network

“Do not upload adult porn.” That was the stomach-turning warning from one of the most heinous child pornography sites on the dark web. Thanks to… Read More

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Watch: Larry Summers Assails Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax

The former Obama and Clinton administration official says a wealth tax could backfire by increasing the influence of the very rich.