As Brexit Goes ‘Down the Plug Hole’, Farage Prepares New Party for ‘Biggest Battle Yet’

Nigel Farage has confirmed he is planning to launch a new political force to save Brexit, vowing he “won’t lie down” as the political establishment tries to overturn the referendum result.

We Hear You: How to ‘Wield the Most Effective Weapon Against Tyranny’

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Cyntoia Brown, Sex-Trafficking Victim, Must Serve 51 Years Before Release: Court

Brown, who was allegedly forced into prostitution, is serving a life prison sentence for killing a man.

DELINGPOLE: UN Climate Conference Wrecked by Revolting French and Trolling Poles

Two things have completely ruined the UN Climate Conference currently happening in Katowice, Poland: the revolting French and the piss-taking Poles.

Paris Picks Up the Pieces After Protests

PARIS (AP) – Paris monuments are reopening, cleanup workers are out on the streets and shop owners are trying to put the city on its feet again, after new protests and rioting injured 71 people in the French capital and caused widespread damage.