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Massive Migrant Caravan Begins Journey to U.S. from Mexico

Many in the caravan say they are leaving Central America for to pursue ‘the American dream.’

Hawley Calls for Merrick Garland to Resign over FBI School-Board Memo

The attorney general had directed federal law enforcement to probe ‘harassment’ by parents against school-board members.

Obama Campaigns alongside McAuliffe in Final Stretch of Virginia Governor Race

Polls have the Democratic nominee tied against Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin.

Clarence Thomas’s Monumental Legacy

Thirty years after joining the Supreme Court, Justice Thomas continues to champion the preservation of principle and liberty in American law.

Do We Have Freedom of Speech, Really?

Garland’s memo serves a progressive crusade to render these rights little more than a parchment promise.

The Kind Soul of Clarence Thomas

He’s a gifted originalist, of course. But we shouldn’t forget the depth of his kindness.

Don’t Let Democrats Turn the U.S. into Europe

Do Americans really want to live under the bureaucratic thumb of a monolithic, centralized, soul-sucking enterprise akin to the European Union?

Clarence Thomas, an American Justice

On the uniquely American story and jurisprudence of Justice Thomas

Persian Parables

The Afkhami collection, on view at the Asia Society in New York, is foundational for understanding the contemporary art of Iran.

Journalism Becomes a Victim of China’s New Nationalism

For mild criticism of a new anti-American Chinese film, Luo Changping has been detained.