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Federal Judge Blocks Controversial Provisions of Restrictive New York Gun Law

The ruling struck down the part of the law that declared New York City’s Times Square a ‘gun free zone.’

Des Moines Register Deems Kim Reynolds Ad ‘Dehumanizing,’ ‘Racist,’ and ‘Indefensible’

The ad highlights Democrats’ embrace of the defund the police movement.

One Hundred Days after Roe Overturned, 66 Clinics across 15 States Have Stopped Performing Abortions

Since the fall of Roe, 14 states that accounted for 125,780 abortions in 2020 no longer perform the procedure.

Migrant Bus Arrives outside Kamala Harris’s D.C. Home

Last month, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency over the migrant bus arrivals.

California’s Tyrannical Covid ‘Misinformation’ Law

Gavin Newsom’s law restricts free speech and threatens the doctor–patient relationship.

Self-Help for Progressives: How to Overcome Meloni’s Victory

The Left has run out of adjectives for its opponents.

The Constitution Is Not a Suggestion

On this, we must insist.

Arizona Parents Show How to Beat the Teachers’ Unions

Parent protesters revealed the unions and their allies to be paper tigers, thereby paving the way for further school-choice expansions in other states.

The FTC’s Aggressive Stance May Harm Its Only Constituents

The Federal Trade Commission is out for blood, but Big Tech won’t be the one to bleed — the American consumer will.

DOJ Charges Eleven Pro-Life Activists for Blocking Abortion Clinic, FBI Reportedly Raids Home of Protest Leader

Seven of the demonstrators were charged with conspiracy against rights secured by the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.