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BLM’s Bloody Bill Comes Due

The movement failed in a way that got lots of people hurt and killed because its core premise is wrong — but there is a better way to help our countrymen.

CNN Writer Links DeSantis to Totalitarian Dictators, Citing Unnamed Scholars

The writer said he’d spoken to scholars who compared DeSantis’s rejection of an AP African-American studies course to the behavior of Putin.

Georgia Governor Kemp Declares State of Emergency, Mobilizes National Guard over ‘Cop City’ Riots

Rioters flocked to Atlanta Saturday after an anarchist who shot at police was killed by return fire.

America’s North Korea Strategy Has Failed

Serious analysis of the political and military significance of the North’s growing arsenal is lacking.

The Oscar Caucus 

Film culture focuses on chaos now, rather than excellence.

Will the IRS Lose Its $80 Billion Appropriation?

The headlines may look good, but they don’t tell the whole story.

DEI Doesn’t Work — Taxpayers Shouldn’t Pay for It

We cannot expect the self-appointed spokespersons of anti-racism to change course when their (lucrative) efforts fail to reduce bias.

Legal Resistance to Biden Administration in Doubt as Powerhouse AG Offices Stumble

The AG offices of Missouri, Texas, and Arizona have led the fight against Biden overreach, but insiders tell NR they’re not in a position to keep it up.

DeSantis Versus the Left-Wing Educrats, Again

The conservative counterrevolution in education may be just beginning.

Connecticut Democrats’ Fountain of Bad Ideas

Progressive legislators may want businesses and families to stay in the state, but their ideas are recipes for repulsion.