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Top FBI Officials Hid Sussmann’s Identity from Agents Working Trump-Russia Case, Agent Testifies

The agent said that knowledge of Sussmann’s connection to the Clinton campaign would have altered the resulting investigation.

Border Patrol Let Suspected Terrorist Remain in U.S. for Two Weeks: Report

Garcia-Amado was allowed to remain in the country for 13 days before he was arrested.

Left-Wing Prosecutors Prepare Plan B on Roe

Lawless liberals are promising not to enforce abortion restrictions in their states.

How Biden’s FDA Helped Cause the Baby-Formula Crisis

Nobody — including the FDA — is making any effort to test products from other countries before they reach the consumer.

Record-High Diesel Prices Spell Longer-Term Consumer Woes

Encouraging domestic fuel production would reduce the cost of diesel. Unfortunately for all of us, that doesn’t fit the administration’s agenda.

Taiwan’s Unjust Exclusion from the World Health Assembly

China has abused its powers to keep a country that, unlike it, managed the disease without tyranny out of discussions about global health going forward.

Biden’s Housing Plan? More Vouchers and Tax Credits Mean Inflation and Dependency

The Biden administration continues to double down on costly construction subsidies and dependency-inducing housing assistance.

Will the Homeschooling Surge Outlast the Pandemic?

If so, it would doubtless reflect that parents are becoming more engaged in their children’s education for the long haul.

Why Ukraine Matters

Putin has made his government, and therefore the Russian state, an implacable adversary of the United States and its allies.

State Farm Abandons LGBTQ Children’s-Book Program after Whistleblower Email Leak

The plan was to have 550 insurance agents and employees donate a three-book bundle from the GenderCool organization.