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U.S. Elementary Students Fell 4 to 5 Months Behind During Pandemic: Report

McKinsey found that K-12 students were testing 10 points behind in math and 9 points behind in reading on average at the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year.

Cotton Urges Coca-Cola to Condemn China’s Human Rights Abuses in Heated Exchange With Executive

Cotton said he was “tired of hearing” Coke’s “talking points.”

Multiple Republican Governors Reject CDC Mask Guidance Renewal

The governors of Nebraska, Iowa, and Florida spoke out after the CDC issued the new mandate.

Biden Administration to Impose Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workforce

Biden made the statement after the CDC released its updated mask guidance Tuesday.

Border Patrol Released 50,000 Migrants into U.S. without Court Date: Report

Border Patrol agents encountered over 188,000 migrants crossing the border in June, the highest number recorded so far this year.

Stefanik Claims Pelosi ‘Bears Responsibility’ for the Capitol Riot

Elise Stefanik claimed that Nancy Pelosi “bears responsibility” for the Capitol riot and accused the “drooling media” of being “too petrified” to question her about it.

Psaki Flounders on Reasoning for Updated CDC Mask Guidance

Jen Psaki deferred to the authority of the public health officials in the Biden administration without offering a scientific explanation when asked the reasoning behind the updated CDC guidance.

Fact-Checkers Rewrite the History of Democrats’ Vaccine Skepticism

PolitiFact tells a whopper to cover for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

America’s Irrational Ban on British Visitors

There is no solid rationale for barring citizens of the U.K. from entering our shores now that we have COVID-19 vaccines.

Kinzinger Defends Lack of Probe into BLM Riots During January 6 Committee Hearing

The lawmakers were two of only ten Republicans in Congress to vote to impeach former President Trump for inciting the Capitol insurrection.