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‘Ghost car’ appears out of nowhere in crash footage

Dashcam footage of a “ghost car” that appears out of thin air before causing an accident at a busy intersection in Singapore has social media users spooked.

Trump: Media ‘going crazy’ with Wilson’s ‘total lie’ about call to widow

“I’m a rock star now.” That’s how a Florida Democrat has reacted to her recent notoriety after becoming tangled in a controversy over her account of President Donald Trump’s condolence phone call to a U.S. Army widow.

This ‘inflatable space yacht’ could be orbiting the Moon by 2022

Las Vegas-based Bigelow already has one of its inflatable space habitats attached to the space station. Now it wants to send one to the moon to aid astronaut training and act as a base for missions far beyond.

Google’s artificial intelligence computer ‘no longer constrained by limits of human knowledge’

The computer that stunned humanity by beating the best mortal players at a strategy board game requiring “intuition” has become even smarter, its creators claim.

The Latest: Federal troops take disputed town from Kurds

The Latest on developments in Iraq.

Uganda police hold opposition leader over attempted murder

Ugandan police have detained the country’s most prominent opposition leader over allegations of attempted murder.

Poland: Man sets self on fire, has note blaming ruling party

Warsaw police are questioning witnesses and reviewing street surveillance videos after a man set himself on fire in the city’s center.

Blue Ridge Parkway expects this weekend to be busiest

Drivers seeking fall-colored leaves should expect this weekend to be the busiest on a scenic road that runs through the Appalachian Mountains from North Carolina to Virginia.

Witness: Suspect gathered co-workers, then started shooting

A witness to the deadly rampage inside a Maryland granite company said the suspect, Radee Prince, had gathered a small group of his co-workers together by saying “come with me, I want to say something to everybody.”

Iraqi and Kurdish forces exchange fire at border amid increased tension

Iraqi and Kurdish forces are exchanging fire at the border between federal and Kurdish lands on Friday, days after Kurds withdrew from disputed territories across northern Iraq.