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The Courts Say Trump Can’t Block Twitter Followers

Good. So when will the First Amendment be used to protect the rest of us from censorship and de-platforming?

Eisenhower’s Nightmare, Nukes-In-Space Edition

Be warned: the flood of funding for Trump’s missile defense plan will create a new powerful web of political patronage in Washington.

Make No Mistake: ISIS Needs the U.S. to Survive

This week’s fatal attack was a calculated event designed to sow chaos amid American withdrawal. And the Blob is responding predictably.

NATO is a Danger, Not a Guarantor of Peace

Status quo supporters like the New York Times poke fun at Trump for even questioning the alliance. But who’s the fool?

Our Elites’ Selective Support for Democracy

The hypocrisy on daily display in London and Washington of late has become difficult to stomach.

A Century Later, the Versailles Treaty Still Haunts Our World

It was supposed to end World War I and usher in a new era of peace. Instead it nearly broke the West.

The New Nationalism Won’t Save the Right

Most Americans don’t care about a border wall and politics lurches ever leftward.

Why Ex-Churchgoers Flocked to Trump

This is a story about how the lack of faith, not factories, inspired a Middle American movement around one man.

Macron Puts Immigration Controls on the Table

Under pressure from protesters and with his presidency hanging in the balance, France’s leader considers the unthinkable.

The Mud on Gillette’s Face

Their #MeToo ad called on men to be better but ended up doing them a disservice.