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The Movie That Captured the Banality of Suburbia

The ‘Burbs scathingly satirizes post-Cold War bored America.

Why I Stopped Reading Playboy for the Articles

Men’s magazines used to publish thought-provoking authors. Now they’ve gone over to the SJW left.

A WASP Looks for God

New England’s first families were zealously religious. Now one of their descendants struggles with his faith.

Big Government Takes a Bite Out of Food Trucks

Chicago’s move to protect its restaurant industry is cronyism at its worst.

The European Union Reaches Its Breaking Point

It’s decided to declare political war on Hungary. Only national rights and open debate can save it now.

The Travesty of Private Creditors Putting People in Jail

Judges are signing arrest warrants for debt—and only the states can put a stop to it.

The Holy Church of CrossFit

With actual churches failing to provide community and sustenance, Millennials are turning to trendy workout classes.

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of September 17

From Tolkien to Alan Taylor, here’s what our writers and staff are reading this week.

Why the Public Must Revolt Over Eminent Domain

Only democratic pressure can fight government abuse, as a recent case in Idaho demonstrates.

Trump Enlists Gen. Zinni For Quixotic Arab NATO Campaign

At some point he’ll realize the Gulf region is a graveyard of failed ideas for collective security.