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“Tough on Crime” Trump Comes Out for Sentencing Reform

It’s one flip-flop we can be thankful for.

When The ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Is A Black Man

An African American stopped a shooting only to be killed by police. This is the next big test for gun rights activists.

Rand Paul: Saudi Arabia is Number One at Spreading Terror

Speaking at TAC’s annual conference, the senator called out MbS, Iran sanctions, and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’

Macron—Not the Nationalists—is Stuck in the 1930s

It’s in Europe’s elite that we find the spirit of appeasement that once enabled fascists and communists.

Why “America First” Needs a European Union Military

Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion is actually a good one, even if it wasn’t made for all the right reasons.

The Communities Amazon Turned Down Should Rejoice

HQ2 might seem sexy, but cities are better off investing in resilient economies than the Next Big Thing.

America’s Permanent-War Complex

Eisenhower’s worst nightmare has come true, as defense mega-contractors climb into the cockpit to ensure we stay overextended.

Watch Live: TAC’s 5th Annual Foreign Policy Conference

An all-star lineup discussing ‘America’s Allies and Interests: Assessing Trump Foreign Policy Mid-term.’

How Silicon Valley Can Reduce Social Pain For Once

Too many Americans, military and civilian, are killed by friendly fire. Big Tech might be able to help with that.

What Genghis Khan Can Teach Us About American Politics

The brutal warlord understood how to govern shrewdly and even humanely.