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Giuliani, the Consigliere Holding a Hand Grenade

If the president’s lawyer goes down—and he just might—he could take the whole Trump administration with him.

Europeans Attacking Trump Over Turkey Haven’t a Leg to Stand On

Erdogan was their best friend then the EU needed a place to park millions of unwanted refugees.

Trump is Right: Ending the Endless Wars Starts in Syria

The neocon consensus has brought nothing but disaster. If the president wants to chart another course, we should support him.

Bless the Hearts of Elites Who Trash the South

Why do those so concerned with economic justice sneer at the country’s poorest region?

Time to Extricate From Ukraine

Kiev has become a drag on Trump, but if we don’t watch out, it could turn into a geopolitical threat for everyone.

Down With the Clapback

In the age of Twitter, sassy personal attacks have become a method of left-wing cultural enforcement, displacing argument.

Patient Zero: Democrats’ Healthcare Split Could Prove Fatal

If they don’t come to some consensus, their fight for universal coverage won’t survive the general election.

TAC Bookshelf: Back Again on the Road to Serfdom

Here’s what our writers and editors are reading this week.

The 2020 Candidates Bring a Lame Game

Despite the chaos of Trump, Republicans are actually far more unified and effective than their opponents.

American ‘Freedom Man’ is Made of Straw

Bret Stephens’ foolish caricature of America only nurses our delusions about ‘the good’ we’ve done in the world.