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Fighting for Wisdom Inside the Ring

This boxer’s memoir is a good corrective to the “follow your dream” mantra—when the discovery is in losing, not winning.

Being a Black, Gay Conservative in a Polarized World

Ashton Theodore-Randle checks all the diversity boxes. But are they all the wrong ones for the GOP?

Medicare for All and the Myth of Free Markets

Healthcare monopolies are strangling competition and driving up prices. The Democrats’ plan won’t fix that.

President Trump: Just Another Jailer of the Cuban People

By cracking down with more sanctions, he’s enabling Fidel Castro’s heirs.

‘Easter Worshippers’ and the Left’s Allergy to Language

How can we address the worldwide persecution of Christians when some won’t even use the word?

When Tech Elites Lose Their Religion

If they no longer have faith in the digital empire they’ve created, who will?

The Budget Will Never Balance Until the Wars End

A new congressional amendment seeks to shrink America’s widening deficit. There’s just one problem: a Pentagon workaround.

The Black Keys’ Search for God

The rock band has consistently shown an awareness of the transcendent, shaped by their working-class roots.

The Mind Behind Early American Protectionism

Before free trade became a consensus, Friedrich List argued that U.S. industry should be put first.

The Other Side of ‘Allahu Akbar’

In his travels through the Mideast and Africa, our writer found mostly peaceful Muslims, kind to a fault and proud of their religion.