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John McAfee Arrested for Wearing a Thong as a Mask in Norway

John McAfee, the tech pioneer behind one of the world’s first consumer anti-virus programs, was reportedly arrested in Norway this week for wearing wear a woman’s undergarment as a coronavirus mask. McAfee was ultimately released from a Norweigian jail…

Report: TikTok Used Tracking Tactics Banned by Google to Collect User Data

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal alleges that the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok circumvented a privacy safeguard in Google’s Android operating system to collect user data.

GovTrack: Kamala Harris Further Left than ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders

The non-partisan website rated Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) the most left-wing member of the Senate in 2019 — further left than “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Consumer Prices Jump Higher, Double Expectations

A big jump after months of the federal government’s massive fiscal response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Police: NC Man Shot 5-Year-Old Neighbor Cannon Hinnant in the Head at Point-Blank Range

A North Carolina man is now in police custody in connection with the fatal shooting of a young boy, authorities said Tuesday.

U.N. Economist: Pandemic Shows Govts Can Make ‘Unorthodox… Massive Interventions’ for Climate Change

As hundreds of thousands of people die around the planet as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.N. on Wednesday sought to assert the primacy of climate action in any recovery plans.

Poll: Only 3% of Latinos Use ‘Latinx’; ‘Unnecessary Anglicism of the Spanish Language’

Only 3% of people of Latin American origin in the United States use the term “Latinx,” according to a new poll, which reports that some consider it an “unnecessary ‘anglicism’ of the Spanish language’ to include transgender individuals.

Awkward Joe Biden Email: Kamala Harris ‘to Help Me … to Lead This Nation Starting in January 2021’

The sentence could be interpreted as meaning that Biden had chosen Harris “to lead this nation starting in January 2021” — instead of leading it himself.

Never Trump’s Bill Kristol Calls for Presidential Debates to Be Canceled

Never Trump stalwart Bill Kristol, the former editor and founder of the now-defunct Weekly Standard, tweeted Tuesday that the presidential debates should be canceled in favor of three vice presidential debates.

Alleged ‘Jihad Bride’ Mother-of-Nine Back in UK Living on Welfare, Says ISIS Suspects ‘Oppressed’

A British-German dual national accused of becoming a ‘jihadi bride’ in Syria is back living in Britain and living on benefits, claiming that ISIS suspects are “the oppressed people”.