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WSJ/NBC Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Inches Higher, Buoyed by Republican Support

Despite a week of constant criticism by the media, Democrats, and certain members of the Republican party for his meeting with Vladamir Putin in Helsinki, Donald Trump’s approval ratings increased to the highest level of his presidency according to a Wall Street Journal/ NBC poll.

WATCH: Brawl Breaks Out at Detroit Taco Joint After Customer Cuts the Line

A brutal brawl broke out inside a Detroit taco joint on July 13 between three customers when a man in a red shirt and cap sauntered to the front of the line.

NBC: Progressives Try to Create ‘Gender Fluid’ Children

A small number of pro-transgender parents are trying to prevent their young boys and girls from learning the basic cultural and biological facts needed to navigate puberty and adulthood, according to NBC news.

Johnny Depp Leads ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Actors in Call to ‘Impeach Trump’ at Comic-Con

Johnny Depp, star of the upcoming Harry Potter film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and his panel of co-stars turned political, Friday, calling to “impeach Trump” during the film’s discussion panel at this year’s Comic-Con.

Molinari Wins British Open, Breaks US Stranglehold on Majors

CARNOUSTIE, Scotland (AP) – Francesco Molinari’s win at the British Open has broken the American stranglehold on golf’s major championships, with a U.S. golfer having won the previous five.

Second LeBron James Mural Vandalized in Los Angeles

For the second time this month, a mural featuring LeBron James in a Lakers uniform has been vandalized, according to reports.

Reports: Israel Strikes Syrian Military Site Tied to Iran

Israeli fighter jets attacked targets in western Syria on Sunday, according to reports in Syria and Lebanon.

Maxine Waters: Flag-Burning Protesters Furthered ‘Their Own Agenda’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) issued a statement Saturday responding to the counter-protesters who burned an American flag outside her Los Angeles, California, office Thursday, saying they were advancing “their own agendas.”

U.S. Parents Raise Gender-Neutral ‘Theybies’ to Counteract Stereotypes

A group of parents in the United States has decided to raise their children in a gender-neutral way, allowing the children themselves to eventually self-identify as male or female.

Ninth Circuit Panel Upholds Ruling Against California ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Ban

The United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld a June 29, 2017, ruling a against California’s “high capacity” magazine ban.