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Donald Trump: America Terminating Relationship with World Health Organization

President Donald Trump on Friday announced at the White House that the United States would terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization.

New York City Outlaws Use of ‘Alien,’ ‘Illegal Immigrant’; All Now Referred to as ‘Noncitizens’

The New York City Council announced on Thursday that it will no longer allow the “dehumanizing” and “offensive term” “alien” or “illegal immigrant” to describe individuals in the conduction of official city business.

Official Twitter ‘Moment’ Describes Violent Riots, Looting as ‘Heated Protests’

An official Twitter “moment” described the violent riots and looting that broke out in Minneapolis and other areas of the country with the muted term “heated protests,” in an entry created by Twitter employees that appeared at the top of users’ feeds.

Twins Outfielder Max Kepler Apologizes for Wearing Blue Lives Matter Mask Amid George Floyd Protests

Minnesota Twins outfielder Max Kepler has apologized for having posted a photo of himself wearing a pro-police mask.

USC Law Prof Jody Armour: Black Lives Matter Highway Protest Caused by ‘Festering Wounds’

University of Southern California Law School Professor Jody Armour recently defended a highway protest by Black Lives Matter activists in Los Angeles. On Wednesday, hundreds of protesters blocked traffic on the 101 freeway to bring attention to the dea…

Watch Live: President Trump Holds Press Conference

The president is also expected to address China’s role in the coronavirus crisis and will likely to further react to the rioting in Minneapolis in reaction to the death of George Flynn at the hands of police officers. 

Americans Turned Less Gloomy About The Economy in May

Current conditions look better than they did a month ago but the outlook for the future is grimmer.

Elizabeth Warren: Trump Calling for ‘Illegal, State-Sponsored Killing’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Friday accused President Donald Trump of advocating for “illegal, state-sponsored killing” after the president threaten to use the National Guard to crack down on riots in Minneapolis in the wake of George Floyd’s death. 

Facebook Slams Trump’s Executive Order, Claims It Will ‘Restrict More Speech’ Online

Social media giant Facebook criticized President Trump’s recent executive order aiming to place new restrictions on social media giants that censor Americans, claiming that the order will “restrict more speech online.”

Klobuchar: ‘It Is a Lie’ I Declined to Prosecute Police Officer Involved in Floyd Death

Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said it was “a lie” that as the chief legal officer of Hennepin County, MN she declined to charge Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for his role in the shooting death of Wayn…