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1/30/18 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

There has been an outright charge by the media that President Trump fired or forced the firing of Andrew McCabe to create an image that Trump was obstructing justice. Legally and constitutionally, Trump has every right to fire who he wants though it would not go over well publicly. Trump was right about this guy being a liberal Democrat partisan from day one. The DOJ’s Inspector General has been focused for months on why Andrew McCabe appeared not to act for 3 weeks on a batch of Hillary Clinton emails found related to Anthony Weiner and chose to sit on these emails until a week before the election. This is why most of the media protects their unnamed sources and leakers. In addition, this State of the Union address will be focusing on malcontents and miscreants brought in by the Democrats. The disrespect that his president is receiving is unparalleled. Trump is advancing fairly conservative policies and undoing Obama regulations, which is why Democrats and the media hate him. Unfortunately, the White House hopes to rally Democrats to a common cause by giving 11 million illegals amnesty. Some think this is an act of genius but this is what Democrats live for. The second issue is a massive infrastructure bill. It is never cost free and we should not believe in this silliness. There is nothing more wasteful than the federal government and they can’t even run a subway properly. Trump’s position on amnesty and infrastructure are Democrat and RINO positions, which are positions of the swamp. If the president doesn’t make to case to the American people, who will?

1/29/18 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Andrew McCabe has stepped down from his position as Deputy FBI Director. He should have been out a long time ago. Was the infamous dossier used to grant a warrant to investigate Trump’s team? If it was it’s likely that McCabe would have known that and …

1/26/18 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Nancy Pelosi is saying President Trump’s immigration plan is a campaign to make America white again. This is such a hateful statement that she should be expelled from the House of Representatives. Whatever happened to MLK’s color blind society and content of character? Pelosi is trying day in and day out to destroy the principles of this country and trying to replace it with something else. This is a complete assault on the Founding principles of the nation. The truth is that most of the principles that serve the U.S. are the principles that undergird Western civilization. Pelosi and the left are just advancing an anti-Constitution and anti-Declaration of Independence agenda. The left believes that immigrants become citizens not because of America’s creed, but because of the government benefits given and ability to hold on to one’s ethnicity. This is never discussed or even considered. After that, Trump wants to block Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon. People are saying he is unhinged for this position and that he is killing our democracy. All these leftwing Democrats never talk about how Trump ordered his generals to take out ISIS and unleashed the military against them. Later, some in Congress now want to pass a law to protect Robert Mueller to prohibit Trump from firing him. This will never happen as Trump would not sign it. Also, it is unconstitutional and Congress can’t pass a statute to change that. If Trump fired Mueller, then the Democrats would move to impeach Trump in the House and they would probably be joined by some Republicans and then you have the conga line in the Senate. Finally, Stephen A Smith calls in to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl.

1/25/18 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, The White House has done something extremely disappointing; they have taken DACA and expanded it to include Dreamers which brings the number to 1.8 million and offered them citizenship. This is a bigger number than even Barack Obama contemplated. Those outside of the 800,000 are those who did not come forward. Some are crooks and criminals and others didn’t have evidence that they came here as children. But we are told not to worry because of concessions the White House got. After this, Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review calls in to talk about DACA. The main problem is that the DACA compromise President Trump and the Republicans are engaging in is the wrong mix of ideas and politics. They have lost their leverage and Democrats don’t have any incentive to agree with them. They will just pocket the 1.8 million and not build the wall like Trump had campaigned on. Democrats are just doing to Trump what they did to Ronald Reagan, promise border security while not appropriating the funds when they reclaim power. In addition, you will see the pretend conservatives come out and say: “What do you want perfection”? There is no perfection, that is just a diversion and Republicans are giving Democrats numbers they didn’t even dream of. This is why we need serious people of substance talking about this. Later, FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were concerned on being too tough on Hillary Clinton, because she might be their next President. There is your obstruction of justice.

1/24/18 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, President Trump says he wants to be interviewed by Robert Mueller and looks forward to it. Mueller and these prosecutors are not seeking the truth but Trump’s destruction. Trump is ready to talk and has nothing to hide, but it is not a matter of hiding anything but a matter of Mueller concocting an obstruction of justice charge. Also, there is cronyism and corruption at senior levels of the FBI like no one has seen before. As Americans, we have an obligation to get to the bottom of this because this is our country and our government. The same Democrats who assume cops are guilty have lined up strongly behind the senior levels of the FBI. The fact is that the Trump campaign and transition team were investigated by the bureaucracy of an opposition party. After that, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin are now talking about a pathway to citizenship for all the Dreamers. If we were talking about bringing in millions of people from Eastern Europe what would the Democrats say? When you racialize an issue it becomes more difficult to discuss. Later, Tammy Duckworth is a hero combat veteran and and is the first Senator to be pregnant while in office. However some of her colleagues congratulating her are left wing Democrats who support abortion on demand. Are they saying she is carrying a fetus or a baby? They say abortion is a choice but to do what? The irrationality of the left on this issue is astounding.

1/23/18 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Tuesday’ Mark Levin Show, Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the election is slowly turning into a soft coup attempt against President Trump’s legitimacy. Mueller isn’t building a criminal case against the pr…

1/22/18 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Sen Chuck Schumer and the Democrats chose illegal aliens over the American people during the short government shutdown and that position clearly backfired. The Democrats are hellbent on getting more voters so they can regain power and never let it go. …

1/19/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

The Democrat party has shown they are the party of illegal immigration and the party of government shutdowns. The legalization of DACA is not the top priority of the American people. Republicans have a moral imperative to stop giving in to Democrat bla…

1/18/18 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat party has exposed itself as the party of the illegal alien, not the American people. They are threatening to shut down the government unless President Trump and Republicans in Congress legalizes illegal alien…

1/17/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, congressional Democrats have blackmailed the American people by threatening to shut down the government over their open-borders demands on immigration. The Democratic leadership’s priorities are far more focused on providing amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens than on funding the federal government for hundreds of millions of American citizens, including the entitlement programs for people they pretend to care about. They want to cut off their food stamps, cut off their federal jobs, cut off highway payments and everything else they can think of to unions, in order to upset and disrupt the lives of their own constituent groups for the purpose of scoring political points and fundamentally changing America. In addition, Lindsey Graham has announced that he will not vote to keep the government open because illegal aliens are not receiving legal status. If it were a conservative who said what Graham said and shut down the government because there was no funding for the wall included, he would be attacked by Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander and the liberal media. Later, Ex-CIA officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee is suspected of compromising Chinese informants. Patriots and heroes who assisted the US were executed over this and some are being tortured. China is executing our informants and the best Congress can do is investigate Trump over the phony Russian collusion issue.