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10/30/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

The mainstream media are forgetting crucial details about Paul Manafort’s indictment. If these conspiracy charges were serious, the statute of limitations would’ve legitimately run out. Special counsel Robert Mueller was serving as FBI director while Manafort was allegedly engaged in this criminal activity. The question is why wasn’t a case brought against Manafort when Mueller was in charge of the FBI and the statutes of limitations was a non-issue? That means somebody dropped the ball. And furthermore, President Trump had nothing to do with any of this, this predates his campaign. There’s no Trump world involved in any of this. This isn’t about justice or seeking the truth. This is about doing everything possible to make a case against the president of the United States when you don’t have a case against the president of the United States. The best they could do is dig up financial statements and have George Papadopoulos plead to a false statement. After that, Andy McCarthy a former prosecutor and contributor to National Review calls in to talk about the charges against former members of the Trump campaign. Later, we have Mark Warner alleging collusion, when even Mr. Mueller couldn’t prove collusion from a criminal aspect. There is no collusion but that is not stopping Warner. The bottom line is that the left wants to impeach Trump, and get him out. Finally, William Jacobson of calls in to talk about the smear effort with false and malicious accusations before he spoke at Vassar College.

10/27/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Major democrat donor, Tom Steyer, is trying to lead a coup by throwing his billions of dollars around to demand that Democrats impeach President Trump because he didn’t get his way in the election. The impeachment clause isn’t there for a billionaire c…

10/26/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez dismissed the Clinton, DNC, Russia collusion story as a case of opposition research. The Democrats have been hammering and lecturing Republicans on supposed Russian collusion for months, but now that the Clinton campaig…

10/25/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Our institutions including the FBI and the media are rotting from within. We have a number of incredibly outrageous and dangerous scandals that have taken place during the Obama administration. We have the revelation that Clinton Campaign and DNC funde…

10/24/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for research that lead to the Russian dossier which contained allegations of the Trump Campaign’s collusion with Russia. This is a massive scandal now, the entire story has flipped. No wonder the Democrat party kept accusing the Trump campaign of collusion. They accuse of what they themselves have done. Notice how the Clinton campaign and the DNC have kept their mouths shut on the dossier, hoping that the praetorian guard media would protect them. After that, it’s not a coincidence that Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, who have abandoned their principles, are on the attack on President Trump. Trump may not be a constitutional conservative but he has done many conservative things including the nomination of Neil Gorsuch and rolling back Barack Obama regulations. Very little of anything has come from the Republican Senate and the House. Corker and Flake’s retirements have nothing to do with leaving on principle because of the Trump presidency but with the fact that they can’t win re-election. Now they are trying to settle scores. Corker is repulsive and going where no Republican goes in calling the President mentally unfit. History will remember Corker not because he was a statesman but because he sold out the country with the Iran Deal. The CNN story defending Corker as not supporting the deal is false. Corker ensured that any Iran Deal that Obama negotiated would become law. Finally, Brian Kilmeade calls in to talk about his new book, Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America’s Destiny.

10/23/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

With all the ongoing talk of how tax reform can help the American economy, there’s one part of the equation that isn’t being given a fair shake: international trade. There are hysterical attacks on market capitalism from members of both major political…

Jackie Mason Blasts Hollywood’s ‘Phony F*cks’: All Weinstein Did Was ‘Imitate Bill Clinton’ (Exclusive)

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie weighs in on arguably the biggest scandal in Hollywood history that’s unfolded in the last two weeks, the Harvey Weinstein saga… but Jackie says he’s not sure what the outrage is all about, bec…

10/20/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

It is time we take a closer look at Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his tactics. Mueller’s tactics in dealing with Paul Manafort are very disturbing. The FBI breaks into his house at 6 in the morning with their guns drawn and combed through the r…

10/19/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

John Kelly spent a lot of time talking about the President’s call to the widow of a brave hero killed in Niger and the politicization surrounding it. There is no way that President Trump called to be disrespectful. The left wing Frederica Wilson, who hates the military, created a phony scandal and the media ran with it. You can criticize Trump for some things but this is not one of them. While the vast majority of Americans cherish these young people who have died in the line of duty, there are a percentage among us who just don’t care. To them it’s all about politics, power and redistribution. To the left nothing is sacred except the left. After that, George W. Bush’s speech was an attack on those of us who support securing the border. At no time during Barack Obama’s wrecking ball years did Bush give a speech like one he gave on Thursday. Why was he silent then? In addition, we are not nativists, but Americans who just want the law enforced effectively. It is unfortunate that we have past Republican presidents and candidates who do not understand conservatism. Otherwise they would object to lawlessness in immigration and in all areas. It is not healthy for a country to have endless immigration without assimilation. Our schools don’t teach assimilation, but they trash our history just like the media and politicians do. Finally, John Solomon calls in to discuss his breaking story that Bill Clinton sought the State Department’s permission to meet with a Russian nuclear official during the Obama uranium decision.

10/18/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

We are thrilled about President Trump’s decision to distance himself from a bipartisan Obamacare bailout deal for insurance companies. We support the president by supporting our principles. He’s under plenty of pressure by the RINOs, by the progressive Democrats, by many of his advisers to capitulate and buckle. It doesn’t do us any good as a country, it doesn’t do our families any good, and it doesn’t do him any good to do that. Also, the NHS in Britain, has provoked anger for banning patients from surgery who are obese or who smoke. The way you save money in a massive centralized healthcare system is by cutting spending on those receiving healthcare. This is why the President should not participate in subsidizing Obamacare because you are going to subsidize failure. In addition, Lamar Alexander is saying that even though Trump has said he won’t support the bailout bill, he and others will try to slip it into another bill. Alexander and his ilk come up with any trickery they can to promote big government. Later, Frederica Wilson is accusing Trump of making a sarcastic and insensitive remark to the the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. Warping a tragedy of a fallen soldier into a stunt is lower than low. This is a false accusation and Wilson is a disgrace for making it. Finally, in the last few weeks the Left has ruined the NFL, late night TV, and the Boy Scouts. In the last few years they’ve severely damaged campus free speech and academic freedom, the private health care market, military readiness, and local law enforcement. Their judges have seized control over immigration, aspects of national security, and marriage. Meanwhile, the Left is increasingly violent (Antifa, Black Lives Matter, etc.) and the media are increasingly brazen in their leftist propagandizing and cheerleading. It seems to me the rest of us should be taking a knee to protest this insanity.