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Free Speech? Student Suspended from University for Calling Halal Slaughter ‘Inhumane’

A British teenager claims he has been suspended from university for describing halal slaughter as “inhumane” and saying immigrants should not be allowed to use the National Health Service (NHS) for free, and cannot return unless he signs a conduct agreement and undertakes diversity training. 

Donald Trump Administration: Abortion Is Not Family Planning

The Trump administration issued a final rule Friday that underscores that federal taxpayer funds provided for family planning services may not be used to support abortion in any way.

University of Colorado Denver Poly Sci Student Confronts TPUSA: Communism Is ‘the Future’

A leftist claiming to be a political science major told conservative student members of TPUSA at the University of Colorado Denver on Wednesday that “communism is the future” and that the conservative students were “fascists” who will one day be “put i…

UC Berkeley Employee Celebrates Violence Against Conservative Activist on Campus

An employee at UC Berkeley celebrated a conservative activist being punched on campus in a tweet on Wednesday.

University of Minnesota Abandons Pronoun Policing

The University of Minnesota revealed this week that it has abandoned a proposed policy that would have punished faculty who refused to use a student’s preferred gender pronouns.

Kansas: Community College Football Coach Tells German Student ‘I’m Your New Hitler’

A leaked text conversation between a football coach at Independence Community College and a player from Germany in which the coach tells him, “I’m your new Hitler figure” has sparked serious controversy.

University at Buffalo SUNY to Host ‘Whiteness of American Architecture’ Symposium

The University of Buffalo, SUNY is hosting a symposium in April called the “The Whiteness of American Architecture” for the purpose of discussing “a critical history of the white cultural nationalisms” and “the renewed sense of white nativism and the rise of white nationalist groups” now that President Donald Trump has been elected.

California High School Bars Teen Girl from Wearing MAGA Hat in Class

A California high school refused to allow a teenage girl to wear a Donald Trump campaign hat in class because the hat allegedly violated the school’s dress code.

West Virginia Teachers Strike Ends With No Compromise on School Choice

West Virginia teachers are tasting victory after a two-day strike, putting to rest state legislation that would have allowed the opening of charter schools and… Read More

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California Parents Object to New Sex Ed Program in Public Schools

Fed-up California parents participated in a “Sexxx Ed Sit Out” Tuesday morning to protest the state’s sex education curriculum, calling it “pornographic,” “age-inappropriate,” “highly biased… Read More

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