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Houston Has a School Spending Problem, and ‘Free’ Lunches Won’t Fix It.

Houston schools will offer free meals to all students this year, but there’s no guarantee that will help more families who are still recovering from… Read More

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U of Akron to Kills 80 Degree Programs, Adds eSports

The University of Akron announced this week that they are killing 80 degree programs in order to open a massive eSports facility.

Rutgers Sanctions Professor for ‘Caucasian A**holes’ Rant

Rutgers professor James Livingston has officially been sanctioned by the university for a series of anti-white Facebook rants made earlier this year. Campus free speech group FIRE is defending the embattled professor from the university.

Facebook: 99.9999% Drop in PragerU Traffic an ‘Error’

Social media giant Facebook has apologized to conservative non-profit group PragerU for banning multiple videos on the group’s Facebook page for “hate speech,” and the subsequent shadowbanning of the group’s page, which resulted in a 99.9999% drop in t…

Bill de Blasio Appears with Trump Slogan Sign: ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Promises Made, Promises Kept” sign at a school groundbreaking ceremony Monday looked like it came straight out of a President  Donald Trump rally.

Study: More ‘Ecosexual’ Professors Are Having Sex with Trees

A recently published academic article examines “exosexuals’ encounters with the natural environment.”

Wired Magazine Condemns the Lack of Women in Artificial Intelligence

Wired Magazine published a column last week that condemns the lack of women in the artificial intelligence field.

NYU Feminist Professor Accused of Misconduct Says Backlash Against Her Is ‘Sexual Paranoia’

New York University professor Avita Ronell is aggressively defending herself against claims of sexual misconduct made by a former advisee.

Lack of Integration of Migrant Children Sees German School Standards Decline

A new report has revealed that the standards of the German school system are in decline as teachers struggle with many migrant children who speak poor, and sometimes no, German. A new study released by the Initiative New Social Market Economy (INSM) claims the quality of German education has decreased across almost every region in the country, citing several key issues from deficiencies in digitization to the problems of integration of migrant-background students, Die Welt reports. One major issue raised by the study is the rise in the number of foreign-born pupils who are dropping out before graduation. In 2014 the number was 11.8 percent, but only a year later it had increased to 14.2 percent. Heinz-Peter Meidinger, president of the German Teachers Association, said that the quality of learning has declined in schools which have students who do not speak proficient enough German. Meidinger warned of “segregation” taking place in the school system and predicted that the problem may only get worse in the future as many teachers are not properly equipped to teach German as a second language. Germany: Nearly 40 Per Cent of Under Fives Now ‘Migrant Background’ https://t.co/uJ3dLvz9ao pic.twitter.com/oEfMyJVcMg — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) September 21, 2016 A study released

Suspended Guidance Counselor Pushes to Change Catholic Diocese Policy on Same-Sex Marriage

A guidance counselor suspended from a Catholic high school is pushing to change the policy banning employees who are in same-sex marriages.