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Spending Bill: Trump Banned from Building Border Wall with Prototypes He Toured in San Diego

The omnibus spending bill passed by the Republican-controlled House and Senate specifically bans President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from building new border walls and fencing with the prototype designs the president most recently …

$1.3 Trillion Ominibus Spending Bill Passes the Senate with Majority of Democrat Support

Thirty-nine Democrats supported the bloated 2,232 spending bill while only 25 Senate Republicans voted for the bill. Independent Sen. Angus King also supported the bill.

Republican Omnibus Bill Will Authorize CDC to Perform ‘Gun Violence Research’

Republicans will be using the omnibus bill to clarify that the Centers for Control and Prevention (CDC) can perform “gun violence research.”

Donald Trump to Republicans: We Have to Go ‘Further Right’ as Democrats Go Further Left

President Donald Trump advised Congressional Republicans to move further to the right side of the political spectrum, noting that Democrats were moving further left.

Jerry Brown Blasts Critics of High-Speed Rail Costs: ‘Bullsh*t’

California Governor Jerry Brown blasted critics of his cherished high-speed rail project in a speech to labor leaders in Sacramento on Monday: “This is bullshit … “I’m so tired of all the nonsense that I read in the paper and you hear from other politicians.”

Even CA Dem. Candidates Running Away from Pelosi

Even Democrats running for Congress in California are refusing to publicly support House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after Conor Lamb won a special election in Pennsylvania after telling voters that he would not support the San Francisco Democ…

Democrats in Disarray: Unsure Whether to Push Amnesty-or-Shutdown Agenda

Democrats are in disarray over the issue of immigration, as the caucus finds itself split between more moderate members and the open borders component of the party.

White House ‘Opposes’ Plan to Give Amnesty to DACA Illegal Aliens in Exchange for Minor Wall Funding

President Trump’s administration is not, in fact, considering a cave to a plan that would give millions of illegal aliens amnesty in exchange for three years of border wall funding, Breitbart News has learned.

Democrats Fume over Hillary Clinton’s Latest Comments About Losing 2016 Election to Trump

Democrats are fuming after Hillary Clinton made a few comments rehashing why she lost the election to President Trump.

‘Dreamers’ Say They Are Done Believing Democrats’ Empty Promises

Government Shutdown
Many illegal aliens known as “Dreamers”—people who were brought the U.S. illegally as children—say that Democrats are more interested in bashing President Trump and Republican lawmakers than crafting legislation that would enable them to earn a path to legal residency.