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Blue State Blues: Democrats Call Ballot Harvesting ‘Fraud’ in North Carolina, ‘Democracy’ in California

Democrats are defending “ballot harvesting” in California as zealously as they are denouncing it in North Carolina.

Democrat Lawmaker Accused of Using Women’s Restroom to Step Down

A Democrat in Colorado’s state legislature accused by his female colleagues of frequenting the women’s restroom while at work in the statehouse is stepping down from his position.

Poll Shows Huge Democrat Bias Toward Muslims Over Christians

Sixty-eight percent of Democrats say employers should grant a request for prayer space by Muslims — but only 45 percent say employers should grant a similar request from Christian employees, says a survey by Grinnell College. 

Democrats Offer a Mere $1.6B for ‘Border Security,’ Not Wall Funding

Democrats are looking to recreate a deal made earlier this year in an omnibus spending bill that President Trump signed, now saying they will budget $1.6 billion  for border security measures that do not actually fund the building of a border wall.

Democrats Are $18 Million in Debt After Winning the House

The Democrats’ “blue wave” left them in the red financially, leaving them $18 million in debt after they won the House of Representatives.

Illinois Democrat Wished ‘Broth of Legionella’ Would Infect GOP Rep.’s Water Supply

An Illinois state Democrat lawmaker is in hot water after she made a comment wishing she would mix a “broth of Legionella” to infect a Republican colleague’s “loved one.”

Democrats Near California Sweep as T.J. Cox Overtakes David Valadao

Democrat T.J. Cox overtook incumbent Republican Rep. David Valadao in California’s 21st congressional district in late ballot counts Monday — nearly three weeks after Election Day.

Poll: Four in Ten Americans Hope to Avoid Talking Politics on Thanksgiving

A new poll released on Wednesday shows fewer than two in ten Americans are looking forward to discussing politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table, while four in ten hope to avoid political discussion altogether.

Koch Brothers: Congress Must ‘Seize’ Lame-Duck Session, Pass DACA Amnesty

The GOP megadonor billionaire Koch brothers are asking the Republican-controlled Congress to “seize” upon the lame-duck session to pass amnesty for more than a million illegal aliens enrolled and eligible for President Obama’s Deferred Action for Child…

Nancy Pelosi Puts Down Marcia Fudge’s Rebellion After Wife Beater-Backing Letter Supporting Alleged Murderer Resurfaces

House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi crushed an intra-Democrat revolt against her bid to retake the Speaker’s gavel next year led by Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH).