The Media and Trump at 100 Days

Instead of grading President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, I take a look at how news reporters have done covering the administration. It’s… Read More

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Donald Trump: Military Spending and Border Security a ‘Clear Win’ in Budget Deal

President Donald Trump praised Republicans in Congress on Tuesday for passing additional spending for the military and border security in their budget deal with Democrats.

BRUTAL VIDEO: What politicians SAY about Planned Parenthood vs what pregnant women HEAR from Planned Parenthood

Live Action has released a video showing how politicians try and sell Planned Parenthood to the public vs what women actually hear from the group when they call. It’s brutal: Here’s what . . .

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Delingpole: ‘Climate Change’ Is No More Credible than Magic Says Top Physicist

The evidence for man-made climate change is so flimsy that you might just as well believe in magic, says one of the world’s top physicists.