Seattle’s Statue of Communist Dictator Vladimir Lenin Under Fire

A growing number of people on social media are calling for Seattle’s statue of Communist A growing number of people on social media are calling for the removal of Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin’s statue in Seattle. Vladimir Lenin to be removed.

CNN just allowed a Democratic Congressman to compare Trump to HITLER and gave NO pushback whatsoever [VIDEO]

This is truly disgusting. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer just allowed race-baiting Democratic Congressman James Clyburn to compare Trump to Adolph Hitler and there wasn’t a single iota of pushback after Clyburn finished. Watch: . . .

Officials In Legal-Weed States Push Back Against Sessions’ Marijuana Criticisms

Alaska and Washington present more evidence that marijuana legalization is working.

Trump’s Defense Of White Supremacists Puts America’s Most Vulnerable In Danger

His statements mark an irrefutable moral failure that puts marginalized communities in harm’s way.

New Clues Surface in Case of Woman’s Body Stolen from Funeral Home

New clues about the business relationships of a San Antonio funeral home may shed some light on the disappearance of a woman’s body missing for two years.

Christian School Reportedly Told 12-Year-Old Alleged Rape Was ‘Boys Being Boys’

His mother has since filed a lawsuit against the school.

Delingpole: Actually, No, D-Day Wasn’t Won by Masked, Leftist Thugs…

Here’s a tweet to turn your stomach.

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Miserably Fails To Moderate Emotional Exchange On Race

Abby Huntsman attempted to redirect a mutually emotional exchange on race to one about statues.

Pence Completely Dodges Questions About Trump’s Charlottesville Remarks

The vice president’s response was a dodge to three questions posed by a reporter.