John McCain will Return to Senate Tuesday for Health Care Vote

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) announced late Monday that he would be back at work Tuesday for a vital vote on healthcare reform, even as he recovers from a blood clot removal and a diagnosis of a brain tumor.

Be prepared…to lose your job! Trump uses speech in front of Boy Scouts to tell his Health Secretary he will FIRE him if Republicans fall short*

Daily Mail (UK), by Nikki Schwaab Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 25 23 2017 03:23:28 GMT President Trump threatened to fire his Health and Human Services secretary, Dr. Tom Price, during a speech to the Boy Scouts, which he promised wouldn´t be political and would be about finding personal success. Trump pulled Price onstage, saying that he ´lives the Scout oath´ by keeping ´millions of Americans strong and healthy´ in his role, before bringing up an important Senate Obamacare repeal vote tomorrow, and suggesting it would be the cabinet member´s head that would roll if Congressional Republicans came up short. ´By the way, are you going to get the votes?´ Trump asked Price. ´He better get

Court rejects attempt to block election integrity panel from doing its job

PowerLine, by Paul Mirengoff Posted By: Hazymac- Tue, 25 09 2017 04:09:34 GMT Many conservatives believe that voter fraud exists on a significant scale in this country. The left insists that it does not. Indeed, says Roger Clegg, some on the left deny …

Schumer´s Criticism of Hillary Is Worse Than It Seems

PJ Media, by Roger L. Simon Posted By: Hazymac- Tue, 25 23 2017 04:23:16 GMT Chuck Schumer has been much remarked upon, even praised in many quarters, for stating the obvious — that Hillary Clinton should stop blaming the sun, moon, and stars, and, of course, Russia for her demise and look to herself for her failure to win the presidency. She was a wretched candidate with no obvious reason for running. Indeed, the WikiLeaks from her campaign operatives are rife with emails searching for some justification for her candidacy other than gender. The New York senator is clearly correct in his criticism but he has a larger unacknowledged problem that is ultimately far more serious:

Federal Judge Blocks Mass Deportation of Iraqis

NBC News, by Tim Stelloh Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 25 23 2017 04:23:48 GMT More than 1,400 Iraqi nationals who the federal government targeted for immediate deportation will get their day in court, a federal judge in Detroit ruled on Monday. In a 35-page order, United States District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith granted a request for a preliminary injunction, saying the group of Iraqis — many of whom are in their home country´s Christian minority — could face “grave harm and possible death” if returned to Iraq. The government, Goldsmith ruled, had ignored “the compelling confluence of extraordinary circumstances” presented by the group and said its position is “inconsistent”

Democrats Attempt Creation of Populist Rebranding Using Same Trump Platform/Policy They Simultaneously Block…

Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: earlybird- Tue, 25 28 2017 04:28:06 GMT David Mamet famously said (paraphrased): ‘when questioned on policy and consequence, in order to avoid the conflict within their ideological message, modern liberals will always pretend not to know things.’ In today’s audio/visual example we find top national democrat leadership pretending not to know their rebranding message, “A Better Deal“, is nothing short of an almost identical policy platform created by the current President, Donald Trump. A policy platform they are committed to blocking. You just can’t make this stuff up folks.

MSNBC Makes Network History With Stretch Of No. 1 Cable Ratings

The channel enjoyed a week as the winner.

Democrats Roll Out ‘A Better Deal’ Economic Agenda as Russia Conspiracy Falls Flat

Democrats began rolling out their economic agenda Monday, looking to present a positive message to voters amid growing signs the public is weary of the endless Russia conspiracy theories that have become a characteristic of Democratic resistance since…