Our War against Memory

National Review, by Victor Davis Hanson Posted By: sagman- Tue, 22 58 2017 09:58:03 GMT Romans emperors were often a bad lot — but usually confirmed as such only in retrospect. Monsters such as Nero, of the first’century A.D. Julio’Claudian dynasty, or the later psychopaths Commodus and Caracalla, were flattered by toadies when alive — only to be despised the moment they dropped. After unhinged emperors were finally killed off, the sycophantic Senate often proclaimed a damnatio memoriae (a “damnation of memory”). Prior commemoration was wiped away, thereby robbing the posthumous ogre of any legacy and hence any existence for eternity.

Rex Tillerson praises North Korea for ´restraint´ while its state’run media mocks President Trump´s Twitter habits

New York Daily News, by Jason Silverstein Posted By: Lalo- Tue, 22 09 2017 10:09:42 GMT North Korea: Thanks for not nuking us. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday praised Kim Jong Un´s rogue nation for its “restraint” on nuclear weapons, even after Kim has spent two weeks threatening the U.S. with mass destruction. Tillerson said he was pleased that North Korea had not run any missile launches since the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted sanctions against the communist country. “We hope that this is the beginning of this signal that we´ve been looking for —that they are ready to restrain their level of tension,” Tillerson told reporters. [hyperlink] “We need to see more on their part, but

Syrian refugees name newborn after Angela Merkel

Reuters, by Staff Posted By: Ribicon- Tue, 22 10 2017 10:10:59 GMT Berlin — A Syrian refugee family in Germany has named their newly born baby girl Angela Merkel Muhammed out of gratitude to the chancellor for her open’door asylum policy in 2015, hospital officials said. “The first name of the girl is Angela, the second is Merkel. With this decision, the parents wanted to show their thankfulness to the chancellor,” said a spokeswoman for St. Franziskus Hospital in the western German city of Muenster. Angela Merkel Muhammed was born on Aug. 16, measuring 21 inches and weighing 8.6 pounds, he said, adding the girl was the parents’ fifth child. Her mother, Asia Faray, and

Polls shows majority of Americans think Confederate statues should remain

Reuters, by Staff Posted By: Ribicon- Tue, 22 18 2017 10:18:29 GMT A majority of Americans think Confederate monuments should be preserved in public spaces, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, a view that is at odds with efforts in many cities to remove them. The 18’21 August poll found that 54% of adults said Confederate monuments “should remain in all public spaces”, while 27% said they “should be removed from all public spaces”. Another 19% said they “don’t know”. Responses to the poll were sharply split along racial and party lines, however, with whites and Republicans largely supportive of preservation. Democrats and minorities were more likely to support removal.

U.S. Navy admiral: USS John S. McCain, oil tanker collision may have been intentional

Washington Times, by Carlo Muñoz Posted By: Lalo- Tue, 22 42 2017 10:42:28 GMT Top Navy leaders are refusing to rule out the possibility that a collision between an U.S. destroyer and an oil tanker in the Pacific may have been intentional, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said Monday. The incident, which occurred early Monday morning in Southeast Asian waters, resulted in 10 American sailors lost at sea and “significant damage” to the USS John S. McCain, an Arleigh Burke’class destroyer attached to the Navy’s Seventh Fleet, according to a Navy statement. Search and rescue operations by the U.S., Indonesian, Singaporean and Malayan navies remained underway Monday night for the missing