How Team Obama tried to hack the election

New York Post, by Paul Sperry Posted By: Pluperfect- Sat, 27 54 2017 09:54:06 GMT New revelations have surfaced that the Obama administration abused intelligence during the election by launching a massive domestic’spy campaign that included snooping on…

Obama Donor Judge Threatens Pro’Life Journalists With Contempt Charges For Releasing Video

The Federalist, by Bre Payton Posted By: MissMolly- Sat, 27 11 2017 10:11:51 GMT A federal judge who donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars to President Obama’s campaign has threatened to hold undercover reporter and pro’life activist David Daleiden in contempt of court after his organization released video footage of Planned Parenthood employees admitting that abortion involves killing a baby. In the video released Thursday, Planned Parenthood Michigan Medical Director Dr. Lisa Harris says that pro’abortion activists know abortion is violent and kills babies, but that shouldn’t stop them. “Given that we might actually both agree that there’s violence in here, ask me why I come to work everyday,” she said in the footage

Hillary chokes as she coughs up lies

Boston Herald, by Howie Carr Posted By: MissMolly- Sat, 27 16 2017 10:16:01 GMT Hillary Rodham Clinton, Class of ’69, returned to Wellesley College yesterday and told the new graduates with a straight face, “You are graduating at a time when there is a full’fledged assault on truth and reason.” Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Hillary Clinton, lecturing the youth of America about the dangers of lying, and pointing the finger … at somebody else. She accused President Trump of proposing a budget that was a “lie. Let’s call it what it is. It’s a con.” Like, say, the Clinton Foundation? “They don’t even try to hide it. Why does all this matter? It matters

Jailed Afghan Migrant Had Sexually Attacked 14 Women In Less than Six Months

A 25-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexually molesting 14 women over a four month period.

Stephen Colbert Imagines Another Batch Of Donald Trump’s Postcards Home

Donald Trump has got the postcard-writing bug. Kind of.
On Friday’s “Late Show,” Stephen Colbert imagined another batch of notes that Trump has been sending back to his family members and allies during his first big trip …

2 Men Killed On Portland Train After Trying To Stop Anti-Muslim Rant, Police Say

(Reuters) – Two men were stabbed to death in the U.S. city of Portland on Friday when they tried to stop their attacker from harassing two women because they appeared to be Muslim, police said.
The incident unfolded on a commuter train hours be…

California Farmer Fined $2.8M for Plowing His Own Field

The California farmer who became the poster child for EPA reform under President Donald Trump is being fined $2.8 million by state and federal regulators for plowing his own field in Tehama County.