11 Times Breitbart News Has Highlighted Trump’s Broken Campaign Promises

After legacy media outlets noticed Breitbart News’ critical coverage of President Donald Trump’s Monday Afghanistan flip-flop, New York Times ace reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted on Tuesday that Breitbart News has not held Trump to account for his bro…

Massive meth seizure reported near the Mexico border

By Ray Bogan Source:: Fox News National

Planned Parenthood Supporter Says Abortion Reduces Black Crime

A minority pro-life student says a Planned Parenthood supporter told her during a fundraiser that abortion is a good thing because it reduces black crime.

Wildfire burns 3 homes in southwestern Oregon

Source:: Fox News National

NYC Restaurant Fires Server Who Wrote ‘Ching Chong’ On Asian Woman’s Receipt

Here’s a tip: Receipts aren’t a good place to express racist feelings.