French Presidential Favourite Macron: Terrorism ‘Part of Our Daily Lives for Years to Come’ After Paris Shooting

Emmanuel Macron, the current favourite to win the French presidential elections, has described terrorism as an “imponderable problem” which will be “part of our daily lives for the years to come”.

France Identifies 39-Year-Old Suspected Islamist Who Had Shot Officers Before as Paris Attacker

French media have identified a French citizen as the dead suspect after his attack on a police patrol on the Champs Élysées which saw one police officer killed and two others injured.

Donald Trump Complains About Deadline He Set For Himself

President Donald Trump on Friday complained that a deadline he set for himself for various policy plans was unfair.

No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 21, 2017

Trump’s first 100 days in office ends April 29, and critics have pointed out that he has yet to achieve many of his own goals.

Shortly before the election, he laid out his plan for his first 100 days, including two of his biggest campaign promises: building a wall along the Mexican border and repealing the Affordable Care Act. He has yet to fulfill either commitment.

Then, days after the election, Trump released a video detailing many more accomplishments he’d hoped to make by the time his first 100 days were up. The video included promises to pull the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, crack down on illegal immigration and get rid of regulations on coal mining― all of which he did.

In a separate announcement made in the wake of reports of Russian election meddling, Trump also promised to release a report on cybersecurity within 90 days of taking office. That report never materialized.

It’s not just journalists who have struggled to see the president’s actions as meeting his goals. White House press secretary Sean Spicer also had a hard time naming a single legislative win.

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Prisoners´ family: Trump ´personally´ engaged Egypt to save aid workers

Washington Examiner, by Anna Giaritelli Posted By: JoniTx- Fri, 21 03 2017 11:03:05 GMT An American woman and her Egyptian husband who had been imprisoned by the Egyptian government for three years arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland late Thursday and will visit President Trump at the White House on Friday. Aya Hijazi and Mohamed Hassanein were among the group of six aid workers who were locked up in 2014 over allegations of child abuse and trafficking charges. After years of failed negotiations by the Obama administration, a family member of the couple credited Trump with “personally” stepping in to free him and his wife, as well as the four others. “It´s been

This Russian bomber hide’and’seek game is actually an old, lethal one

Hot Air, by Andrew Malcolm Posted By: SurferLad- Fri, 21 05 2017 11:05:53 GMT The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming — again.? ?And they’re getting closer. [Snip] There’s actually much more to these flights than meets the eye. For now, it’s all a serious game, despite Secy. of State Rex Tillerson describing relations with Russia now as at a low point.Russian aircraft and spy ships have cruised along both U.S. coasts, around Japan and Britain. Back in 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin phoned then President Obama, purportedly to wish him a happy Independence Day. At the same time Russian warplanes were flying within 40 miles of California coastal communities in a kind