Russia´s ambassador to leave post in U.S.

United Press International, by Allen Cone Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 26 07 2017 08:07:45 GMT Sergey Kislyak, Russia´s ambassador to the United States and a key figure in the alleged meddling of the U.S. president election, is leaving his post and returning to Moscow, the nation´s Foreign Ministry said Monday. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the departure is part of a regular rotation “all planned in advance.” Kislyak´s replacement in Washington will be Anatoly Antonov, according to Russian state media. Antonov is currently the deputy foreign minister and previously served as deputy minister of defense.

Liberal Meltdown: Dem Senator Calls Conservatives on the Supreme Court ‘Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ (Video)

Gateway Pundit, by Christina Laila Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 26 08 2017 08:08:35 GMT The Supreme Court allowed most of President Trump’s travel ban to be reinstated before the court hears the case in October. President Trump called the SCOTUS ruling a “clear victory for our national security”, however; Democrats think it’s the end of the world. Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) blasted Neil Gorsuch and called the three conservatives on the Supreme Court, the ‘three horsemen of the apocalypse’. (Photo) Mazie: “Neil Gorsuch who I did not support as a Supreme Court Justice, he’s joined two of the most conservative Justices, Clarence Thomas and Alito on the court to take the position that the

Barack Obama Goes River Rafting with His Family in Bali During Vacation to His Childhood Home of Indonesia

People, by Tierney McAfee Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 26 25 2017 08:25:27 GMT The Obama adventures continue! Barack Obama and his family went rafting on the Ayung River in Bali on Monday amid their nine’day vacation to Indonesia, where the former president lived for several years as a child. Obama, wife Michelle and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, were invited to vacation in Indonesia by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, who also asked the family to visit the presidential Bogor Palace in West Java during their trip, according to ABC News. Obama will also speak at an Indonesian Diaspora Congress in Jakarta on July 1. Obama moved to Indonesia in 1967 at age 6

Israel settles who can stand where at the Western Wall

Hot Air, by Andrew Malcolm Posted By: SurferLad- Mon, 26 26 2017 08:26:36 GMT In a move that was both hailed and denounced, Israel’s Cabinet voted Sunday to rescind a 2016 decision to create a section of the holy Western Wall where men and women could pray together. You may have noticed during his May stay in Israel, President Trump, a Presbyterian, and wife Melania, a Roman Catholic, were split and stood to pray separately before the ancient wall, according to Orthodox custom. [Snip] The Western Wall is revered as a remnant of the Second Temple, which was destroyed by those

Real’life drama in age of Trump challenges TV’s storytellers

Associated Press, by Frazier Moore Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 26 33 2017 08:33:48 GMT NEW YORK— Say you’re a storyteller whose TV show draws inspiration from real’life Washington. Whether portraying the noble geopolitics of “Madam Secretary” or the dirty deeds on “House of Cards,” the high’stakes fumbling on “Veep” or the scourge of terrorism that haunts “Homeland,” script writers have always faced the challenge of staying topical yet inventive without straying outside the bounds of plausibility. Then the Donald Trump presidency struck. Almost overnight the unexpected or unthinkable became the new normal, with real’life drama constantly threatening to outdo anything the cleverest writer could dream up. The writers of Showtime’s “Homeland” are already brainstorming

Jay Leno Knows Why Jimmy Fallon Is Back On Top

“At some point, you want to use TV as an escape,” Leno says of Trump fatigue.

The CBO has weighed in: The Senate Trumpcare bill is pretty damn mean.

Senate Republicans want to pass this legislation this week.

Mitch McConnell Caricatured And Mocked Obamacare’s Process. Then He Adopted It.

“Americans believe that… one party shouldn’t be allowed to force its will on everyone else,” he wrote.

Harvard Poll: Majority Believe Deep State Leaking to ‘Unseat’ Trump

James Comey, Robert Mueller
A majority of Americans believe that the “Deep State” is trying to “unseat” President Donald Trump, according to the most recent Harvard-Harris poll.

If Congress Is Serious About Tax Reform, It Should Stop Passing Bills Like This

House Speaker Paul Ryan doubled down earlier this month on getting tax reform done by the end of the year. He said he hopes to… Read More

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