Wiretaps may prove Trump right — and that’s absolutely terrifying

New York Post, by Michael Goodwin Posted By: Pluperfect- Wed, 20 42 2017 09:42:23 GMT Over the years, a curious habit has taken hold at the United Nations. A body designed to strengthen the best of humanity has too often become a font of doublespeak and appeasement that protects the worst of humanity. That tragic comity was shattered when President Trump played the skunk at the garden party and dared to tell the truth. Many truths, in fact. Among them, that Islamic terrorism is a scourge that must be stopped. That Iran is controlled by a “murderous regime” bent on getting nukes. That North Korea’s “Rocket man is on a suicide mission” and the United States “will have

Trump Hits Home Run for America in UN Speech

PJ Media, by Claudia Rosett Posted By: steveW- Wed, 20 45 2017 09:45:06 GMT President Trump gave his first official speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday morning, and was immediately berated by the New York Times (Trump´s “characteristically confrontational message”) and the Washington Post (“Trump´s menacing United Nations speech, annotated”). Sen. Dianne Feinstein lambasted him for words that “greatly escalated the danger” from Iran and North Korea. And the foreign minister of Venezuela´s socialist dictatorship, Jorge Arreaza ” apparently trying to formulate some sort of supreme insult ” compared Trump in 2017 to President Ronald Reagan in 1982. With that kind of reaction, you might just start to suspect that Trump

The Unaccountable IRS

Weekly Standard, by Editors Posted By: Pluperfect- Wed, 20 50 2017 09:50:08 GMT To understand the pragmatic realities of federal governance in the 21st century, one must recognize the existence of a fourth branch of government: the administrative state. We have some two million federal bureaucrats with extraconstitutional legislative powers. Not only do they write the reams of regulations that order our lives, they have the authority to enforce them capriciously. And thanks to absurd civil service protections, it is exceedingly difficult to hold them accountable for abuses of power, even when Congress demands it. Of course, you can’t censure federal bureaucrats for their crimes if you don’t even try. On September 8, Donald

All of Obama’s Wiretappers

American Spectator, by George Neumayr Posted By: Pluperfect- Wed, 20 52 2017 09:52:25 GMT Hillary Clinton’s campaign memoir rests on an astonishingly audacious lie: that the very FBI director who made her campaign possible by improperly sparing her from an indictment doomed it. A normal pol who had mishandled classified information as egregiously as Hillary would have felt eternal gratitude to Comey. Only an entitled ingrate like Hillary would have the gall to cast her savior as the chief thorn in her side. Nor does Hillary acknowledge another in’kind contribution to her campaign from Comey: his willingness to serve as a cog in Obama’s campaign of political espionage against Trump. Obama’s team of Hillary partisans,

What Happened? A Horrible Candidate Lost

Power Line, by John Hinderaker Posted By: MissMolly- Wed, 20 57 2017 09:57:13 GMT So far, I have refrained from weighing in on Hillary Clinton’s post’mortem, What Happened, even though, as one of the few pundits who predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential election, I perhaps can claim at least some insight into what happened. Why did I foresee that Trump would win? Not because I anticipated or understood what became the Trump phenomenon. Rather, because I thought that Hillary was such an awful candidate that she could never be elected president. I have been saying that for years. This post title from February 2016 articulates a view I had been expressing for

‘Holy Sh**’: Trump at the U.N.

National Review Online, by Rich Lowry Posted By: MissMolly- Wed, 20 05 2017 10:05:52 GMT As someone said on Twitter, never before has been there so much murmuring of “holy sh**” in so many different languages. Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nations was a sometimes awkward marriage of conventional Republican foreign policy and a very basic version of Trump’s nationalism. The headline obviously was the threat to destroy North Korea if we are forced to defend ourselves. If the point of the speech was to get the world to take notice, this surely succeeded. But it’s still an open question of what exactly the administration’s North Korea policy is — a rhetorically forceful version

Three House Dems Arrested Outside of Trump Tower During DACA Sit’In

PJ Media, by Debra Heine Posted By: MissMolly- Wed, 20 08 2017 10:08:38 GMT Three Hispanic House Democrats were arrested for blocking the street outside Trump Tower on Tuesday during a sit’in protesting President Trump´s immigration policies. According to The Hill, Democratic Reps. Luis Gutierrez (Ill.), Raúl Grijalva (Ariz.) and Adriano Espaillat (N.Y.) were arrested after sitting in the street outside the building in Manhattan. Via The Hill: The lawmakers and advocacy groups are pressing Trump to work with Congress to pass a “clean” version of the DREAM Act granting undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors a path to citizenship, without including border security measures meant to placate immigration hawks. “We’re taking

Journo: Anti-Looting Laws ‘Inseparable from White Supremacy’

A Twitter-certified journalist has attributed laws protecting private property to “White Supremacy,” drawing a flood of criticisms and mockery.

Conan O’Brien’s Trip To Israel Was Hilarious ― And Heartbreaking

The host threw himself an impromptu bar mitzvah and visited a hospital on the Golan Heights.