Louisiana Democrats Purge Thomas Jefferson, the Man Who Acquired Louisiana

The latest in what has become an all too common crusade to wipe great American historical figures from places of honor and memory, the Louisiana… Read More

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Chinese Government Partially Blocks Facebook’s WhatsApp Messaging App

The Chinese government has cracked down on the popular instant messaging service WhatsApp, blocking pictures, videos, and even some texts.

Department of Justice Rolls Out New Asset Forfeiture Directive

The Department of Justice made good on promises to issue a new procedure for federal “adoptions” of local and state civil asset forfeitures Wednesday with a new policy directive aimed at reintroducing the practice while combating abuses.

Judge Halts Planned Auction of Madonna’s Used Panties

Manhattan state Supreme Court Judge Gerald Leibovitz issued an order this week halting the auction of some of pop star Madonna’s most personal possessions, inducing a pair of previously worn underwear, a love letter from her ex-boyfriend and late rapp…

Runaway Teen Identified As Victim Of 1970s Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

Gacy tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered dozens of young men and boys.

WATCH: Ted Cruz gives his take on the Senate meeting with Trump

Ted Cruz was in the Republican Senate lunch meeting with Trump today and gave his take on the meeting to reporters after it was over. Watch: Failure is not an option. . . .

America’s new $13B carrier

Tabasco’s intense new sauce