VIDEO: Homeowner Opens Fire on Robbery Suspects, Kills Two

Home surveillance video shows muzzle blasts flashing in a back room and again outside as a homeowner opens fire on two robbery suspects.

Bokhari: The Secret Rightwing Messages of Harry Potter

The left has got it wrong. The political messages of Harry Potter are actually incredibly right-wing.

The Grenfell Fire And The Perils Of A Loose Regulatory Regime

The Trump administration has been loosening health and safety regulations since Day One.

Deion Sanders and Charles Koch Make Strange Bedfellows to Fight Poverty

Philanthropist and conservative super-donor Charles Koch and former NFL and Hall of Fame NFL star Deion Sanders are joining forces to help poor Dallas residents overcome poverty.

Anthem Says Senate Healthcare Bill Will Stabilize Individual Market

Anthem, one of the largest health insurers in the country, endorsed the Senate healthcare bill, saying that it will stabilize the individual insurance market and lower premiums.