AP Lingo Police: Use ´Gender Confirmation´ Surgery for Sex Change, Avoid ´Born a Boy or Girl´

Newsbusters, by Tim Graham Posted By: Hazymac- Sun, 15 43 2017 02:43:33 GMT Our longtime colleague Ken Shepherd at the Washington Times reported the AP Stylebook team are re’jiggering their politically correct terminology again on the transgender issues. They call themselves “the journalist´s bible.” They took to their @APStylebook Twitter page on Tuesday to offer an update. First, “Use transgender for people whose gender identity doesn’t match the sex or gender they were identified as having at birth.” (Snip) Calling genital mutilation a “gender confirmation” is purely Orwellian language. Once again, AP is all about bowing to the “social identity” lobbyists. “Avoid references to being born a boy or girl” is basically telling reporters “avoid

Clinton: We made a person who committed sexual assault president

The Hill [Washington, DC], by Julia Manchester Posted By: NorthernDog- Sun, 15 45 2017 02:45:54 GMT Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton discussed the culture of sexual assault following a myriad of new sexual harassment and assault allegations against Hollywood film producer and longtime Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein. In an interview with the U.K.´s Channel 4 News on Saturday, Clinton said: “Look, we just elected someone who admitted sexual assault to the presidency. So there´s a lot of other issues that are swirling around these kinds of behaviors that need to be addressed,” Clinton said when asked if she had heard rumors of Weinstein´s behavior before the bombshell reports. “I think it´s important that we stay focused, and shine

Tortoise, run over by car, saved by 3’D printed shell

Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: Hazymac- Sun, 15 53 2017 02:53:31 GMT THE ACREAGE, Fla. — Lenard Hughes has a small statue of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, watching over his small menagerie in the home he shares with his wife Roseanne in The Acreage. It may have been St. Francis or some other divine intervention that saved Hughes´ tortoise, George, after the creature was run over by a small car not half a mile from Hughes´ home last month. Now, George is recovering — with the help of a high’profile veterinarian who has her own TV show, the South Florida Science Center and a 3’D printed prosthetic shell. Hughes

Hurricane Ophelia: Ireland braces for worst Atlantic storm in almost 60 years

Independent [UK], by Niamh McIntyre Posted By: NorthernDog- Sun, 15 57 2017 02:57:45 GMT Ireland is bracing itself for what could be the worst storm since 1961, according to Met Éireann, the country’s national meteorological service. Hurricane Ophelia, which is currently south’west of the Azores islands near Portugal, 2,500km away from Ireland, is expected to hit the country’s west coast on Monday. By this time, it will have lost its hurricane status but will still be a powerful storm. Areas including Cork, Kerry, Clare and Galway & Mayo are set to see wind speeds in excess of 130kmh (80mph). The Irish meteorological service has issued its highest possible “status red” warning ahead of the arrival of

Trump vs. the First Amendment

National Review, by Kevin D. Williamson Posted By: zoidberg- Sun, 15 03 2017 03:03:07 GMT As a purely legal question, free speech is in as good a position as it’s ever been, thanks in no small part to the work of those Republican presidents and senators our friends on talk radio are always complaining about, saying they’ve never accomplished anything. As a more general matter . . .  President Donald Trump’s recent (most recent) testing of the censorship waters is disturbing in a by’now’familiar way, combining the hallmark elements of the president’s political style: ignorance, stupidity, pettiness, and malice.(Snip)There is no such thing as a newspaper license in the United States. There is the First Amendment.

California wildfires: Sonoma homes go up in flames as thousands evacuate

San Francisco Chronicle (CA), by Catherine Ho, Kevin Fagan,* Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 15 10 2017 03:10:49 GMT Erratic winds whipped up flames Saturday, igniting several homes in the town of Sonoma and forcing the evacuations of hundreds of people who, until now, had escaped the terrible wrath of the wildfires that have so far killed 38 people and destroyed 5,700 structures in the Wine Country and beyond. Several homes burned just east of the historic town square in Sonoma as the gusty winds that caused so much havoc earlier this week reappeared before dawn, forcing firefighters to scramble to beat back numerous flare’ups. “There’s a pretty good firefight going on in the field right now,” said Steve

Anthony Scaramucci reportedly dating Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle, by Jennifer Kline Posted By: NorthernDog- Sun, 15 12 2017 03:12:23 GMT As his wife moves forward with divorce proceedings, The Mooch has found a new lady to smooch. Anthony Scaramucci, whose brief tenure as the White House communications director ended after a bizarre 11 days in July, is enjoying a whirlwind romance with Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle, according to Page Six. The two have publicly denied a relationship, but multiple sources told the outlet that they´ve gone house’hunting in Manhattan and jetted off to Rome together in September, where photogs captured them looking cozy at a charity gala. Guilfoyle, a co’host of Fox News´ “The Five,” has been married twice before. She

President Trump Weekly Address– Honoring Our Flag…

Conservative Tree House, by Sundance Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 15 17 2017 03:17:55 GMT President Trump delivers the weekly address October 13th with remarks focusing attention on the symbolism of our national flag. (Video) [Transcript] My fellow Americans, Every Fourth of July, we celebrate the day America declared its independence. But this month, let us also remember the day our country won its independence. Next Thursday, October 19, marks the 236th anniversary of the day that George Washington’s Continental Army defeated the British at the Battle of Yorktown in 1781. (Photo) When our young American flag waved that day over the British surrender, it marked more than a victory of American arms. It represented

Girl, 8, dies in fall from Miami cruise ship

Police in Miami say an 8-year-old girl fell to her death Saturday from a cruise ship that had been docked there.

WATCH: Naked Woman Wielding Pool Cue Chases Female Customer Around Pool Hall

A naked woman wielding a pool cue chased a female customer around a pool hall at a bar in Washington state, according to a video taken earlier this month.