Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 12/9/19

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Horowitz Report that America waited over a year for was lackluster. While, there was no smoking gun, per se, there were several cases of abuse and missteps found in the FISA process. Given Michael Horowitz's limitations on scope, he does not have all the information that U.S Attorney John Durham's investigation has, given the nature of a criminal probe with access to a grand jury. The report found severe violations of our individual rights and liberties with respect to the FBI's confidential human sources (spies) being used on members of the Trump campaign. Then, Attorney General William Barr, and John Durham issued sharp retorts to the statements issued by Horowitz and FBI Director Christopher Wray. The baseless accusations and malign behavior of rogue leaders in the FBI and intel community were used to prompt a special counsel, which is an outrageous abuse of power. Later, while it's been established by a Ukrainian court in 2018 that Ukrainian citizens interfered in the 2016 American election on Hillary Clinton's behalf. As such, Sen. Ted Cruz recently went head-to-head with the fake news media who disregards the reporting done by Politico's Ken Vogel. Afterward, liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz joins Life Liberty and Levin to share his thoughts on the rogue House of Representatives that is operating extra-constitutionally with their current attack on the separation of powers.