Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 10/29/19

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, this is not called an impeachment resolution, it’s simply a resolution. This matters because an actual resolution for an impeachment inquiry would confer rights to the President and minority Members of Congress. This is another parliamentary sleight-of-hand that raises separation of powers issues with the Judiciary Committee acting on behalf of the whole Congress. Moreover, the secret testimony given by Army Officer Lt. Col. Vindman has no bearing on this case because there is no substantive change to the transcribed memo of the call. Meanwhile, President Trump's critics call for civility toward Col. Vindman despite never offering the same toward Lt General Mike Flynn. The facts remain unchanged; Trump has not done nothing wrong in asking a fellow head of state to work with the US Attorney General is looking into an ongoing investigation. It is the right and prerogative of any President to ask anyone they want for their assistance in matters of foreign policy — there is nothing illegal or impeachable about such "irregular" involvement from Rudy Giuliani, despite Amb. Bill Taylor's testimony. What's most irregular is that corrupt actors in Ukraine actually helped dig up dirt on Trump for Hillary Clinton's campaign and this smokescreen is simply a cover-up. Then, Julian Castro suggests blackmail and a 'carrot and stick' quid pro quo approach to providing security support to Israel, in which he Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sen Bernie Sanders basically outline the 'this for that' nature of their 'conditions' of providing foreign aid to Israel. Later, a brief history of the judicial notice filed by Landmark Legal Foundation which began the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton for the 11 felonies he was cited for violating. Afterward, author and attorney David Limbaugh calls in to discuss his new book "Guilty By Reason of Insanity; Why The Democrats Must Not Win."