Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 10/24/19

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Sen. Linsdey Graham has stepped up and made the case to hold the House accountable for not voting on opening an actual impeachment inquiry with an actual vote. Graham calls in to discuss his Senate Resolution condemning the House of Representatives. Then, NBC News reports that Hunter Biden's legal work in Romania may have been ethically problematic. It seems that Hunter Biden was paid again by foreigners for his alleged expertise in Romanian law. Surprisingly, there have been no requests for Hunter to testify in front of any congressional committees. Later, Democrats cry foul about GOP Members of the house-entering their secure interrogation even though they immediately relinquished their cell phones upon entering. What's worse is that despite the transcripts of these deficient testimonies being released at some eventual point, the damage to due process has already occurred. Also, Elizabeth Warren must be investigated in a quid pro quo for the statement that "everything is on the table" regarding her foreign policy proposals regarding a "two-state" solution for Israel. Afterward, former NFL player and actor Fred Dryer and Lisa Riggins calls in to discuss the NFL’s 2020 collective bargaining agreement and ensure pension parity for pre-1993 players.