Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 1/17/20

On Friday's Mark Levin Show, when red states turn blue, it’s a big deal. In the commonwealth of Virginia, just one vote in the State Senate and five votes in the lower house have tipped the scales away from liberty. New laws include new taxes such as a "highway use fee." The proposed changes would produce massive revenue by way of taking money from the people. This is in addition to the already announced restrictions on the second amendment. This is the way we lost California, making it into a perpetual blue state once they're done with redistricting and legislative overhauls that benefit leftists. Then, why do we care what the Democrats in the House have to say? Did they care when the Republicans spoke up in defense of President Trump getting railroaded by the House? Of course not. Chuck Schumer has flip-flopped yet again now asking for witnesses but declined them back in 1999 during the Clinton impeachment. Later, progressivism subjugates individuals under the power of the state. When the state has all the power it becomes dangerous to the people. One such person under attack by rogue officials in the government is General Michael Flynn. Attorney Sidney Powell, explains that these charges must be dropped and has withdrawn Flynn's guilty plea. Afterward, Nancy Pelosi's fascistic tactics mirror that of Putin's and they seem to be celebrated by the left instead of being called out for strong-arming our constitutional system for her political benefit. Finally, Sen. Martha McSally joins the program to discuss her recent comments on a liberal hack media.