Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 1/16/20

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Vice President Mike Pence joins the program and explains that this impeachment trial is about obstruction President Trump and trying to take away his accomplishments. The House has to let the Senate decide the outcome of this trial. Also, this spectacle is not a somber moment, it’s a disgrace, an attack on our Constitution. From the media to the politicians it seems they know less and less about this Constitutional process. Then they claim that there is new "evidence" from an indicted Ukrainian national. They claimed that Robert Mueller would prove that the president obstructed, now they broadcast that the President broke the law, according to the Government Accountability Office; the problem with this is that the regulation they cite "the impoundment control act" cannot supersede the Constitution. This "breaking of the law" was not adjudicated, nor are they law enforcement, they are simply a government agency issuing their opinion of their policy.  Innocent until proven guilty is still the legal standard in America. Plus, a single senator's desire to hear from a witness does not change the facts of historical precedent; this is a political process from the politicians to police themselves. As such, the responsibility of the Senate is not to provide the Democrats with their wish list, it is to provide the process for the trial.