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Brett Favre: It’s ‘Hard to Believe’ Derek Chauvin Intentionally Killed George Floyd

The football legend waded into the heated discourse around Floyd’s death just one week after saying he wanted politics out of sports.

Rand Paul: Biden Should ‘Burn His Mask’ on TV to Encourage Americans to Get Vaccinated

Paul went on to blast White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci for his continued guidance that Americans should wear masks.

911 Caller Told Cops Columbus Teen Was ‘Trying to Stab’ Her Before Fatal Shooting

The shooting came on the same day a jury convicted Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd.

No, Modern Policing Did Not Originate with Slavery

Nikole Hannah-Jones’s latest provocation is, once again, rooted in historical confusion.

LeBron James Calls for Prosecution of Columbus Cop Who Shot Knife-Wielding Teen

In a Wednesday afternoon tweet, the basketball star posted a photo of the officer.

Senate Democrats Dodge on Packing the Supreme Court

Most Democratic senators refuse to take the idea off the table.

There Are No Issues on Which China Can Be Considered an Ally

Failing to reckon with the Chinese regime’s true authoritarian character means the Biden administration is empowering it.

Why Europe’s ‘Super League’ Crashed and Burned

The economics of symbolism are at the heart of what went wrong.

Arizona Governor Declares State of Emergency at Southwest Border

‘The numbers don’t lie, this drastic surge is a direct result of the bad policy, coming out of Washington, D.C.,’ Ducey said.

Minneapolis Restaurateur Breathes Sigh of Relief after Chauvin Trial Passes Without Incident

David Fhima was worried about rioting after the Chauvin trial but he refused to board up his restaurant, putting his faith in his neighbors and the cops.