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In Impeachment’s Obstruction Dispute, Dissembling by Both Sides

Trump’s team says the House should have gone to court to compel witnesses – but when the House did, they said it wasn’t a judicial question.

At the March for Life, a Timely Reminder of the Importance (and Dearth) of Pro-Life Democrats

Friday’s rally saw a standout speech from Louisiana state representative Katrina Jackson, a Democrat who spearheaded the state’s abortion restrictions.

Trump Takes Aim at Birth Tourism

The new rule is sensible, though its effects may be limited.

Oklahoma Bans State Travel to California in Tit-for-Tat over LGBT Laws

“Enough is enough. If California’s elected officials don’t want public employees traveling to Oklahoma, I am eager to return the gesture on behalf of Oklahoma’s pro-life stance,” Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said.

Wealth: Don’t Lower the Ceiling, Raise the Floor

Davos showcases the wrong way and the right way to address income inequality.

The Trouble with Cross-Party Alliances of Convenience

Voters claim they want more bipartisanship, but in our politics, reaching across the aisle involves risks too great for it to become commonplace.

Pentagon Blocks Tougher U.S. Regulations on Huawei in Favor of ‘Balance’

The decision shows a split in thinking within the Trump administration over how to deal with Huawei’s influence.

Lindsey Graham Says He Would Oppose Effort to Compel Hunter Biden Testimony

“I don’t want to call Hunter Biden. I don’t want to call Joe Biden. I want someone to look at this when this is done,” Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill.

The March for Life Is a March for Truth

Our abortion regime depends on lie after lie.

The Iowa Dad Is Wrong. Paying People Back Who Had Paid for College Wouldn’t Be Fair Enough.

What he’s implicitly saying is that his choice to be financially responsible has cost him things that money cannot replace.