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Fatal Hostage Situation Underway In French Supermarket

A police operation was underway in Trèbes, according to the Interior Ministry.

Gal Gadot Thanks Wonder Woman On Superhero’s Birthday

The actress’ “my amazing Amazon” shoutout is one for the gods.

Jim Carrey Appears To Shred Jared Kushner In Biting New Portrait

Carrey titled the piece “Self-Unmade Man.”

Seth Meyers’ Spoof Ad Shows How Teenagers Are Actually Saving The Country

“Teenagers are now cleaning up the political catastrophe left by older generations.”

Military Bloggers Gave A Rare Glimpse Into The Iraq War — Then Came The Pushback

Fifteen years ago, soldiers blogging their way through Iraq led to questions about how to wage war in the internet age.

When Will Kacey Musgraves Be Loved?

She has the critical acclaim, fan base, and award recognition of a superstar. But country radio won’t play her songs.

Parkland Survivors Struggle With Grief, Even As Their Message Spreads

“This will forever be in my mind,” survivor David Hogg told HuffPost.

So Mooch For That: Anthony Scaramucci’s Game-Changing Media Outlet Is A Dud

The guy running it is best known as actor Taye Diggs’ tireless social media manager.