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Teen Singer Courtney Hadwin Shreds ‘America’s Got Talent’ Semifinal

“I just had to step it up,” the 14-year-old performer said after her high-energy “Born To Be Wild.”

Lawrence O’Donnell Shreds Trump Over His Most ‘Evil’ Lie About 9/11

“When I held that lie up to Donald Trump’s face, even he could see how evil that lie was.”

Most Senior Aides To House Lawmakers Are Still Very White, Study Finds

“Top staff in the U.S. House fall woefully short of representing the racial diversity of our nation.”

Is Your Gluten-Free Label A Lie?

“Manufacturers are making mistakes simply because they haven’t done the homework to educate themselves.”

Fall’s Comfiest Fashion Trend Is Ridiculously Oversized

This trend may have been a little exaggerated on runways, but here’s how to pull it off in real life.

As Storms Get Worse, Emergency Responders Will Deal With The Fallout

As Hurricane Harvey showed, work is already becoming more treacherous for first responders.

Things Could Get Very Hairy Between Stephen Colbert And Alex Trebek

Colbert has thrown down a challenge to the “Jeopardy!” host.

‘The Tonight Show’ Cancels Norm Macdonald Appearance Over Controversial Comments

A spokesperson for the late-night show said it canceled Macdonald’s appearance “out of sensitivity to our audience.”

Seth Meyers Untangles Teen Slang, Explains The Current Meaning Of ‘Louis C.K.’

The “Late Night” host is back with another batch of translated (spoof) terms.