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New York Times Opinion Page To Publish Letters From Trump Supporters

The newspaper announced that the featured letters are meant to balance out many of the anti-Trump columns.

Hawaii’s Porn Usage Tanked After Missile Alert, Though It Spiked Later

In the face of impending doom, people did not turn to pornography.

Congress Is Getting Close To Shutting Down The Government

And lawmakers don’t really know how exactly to stop it.

California Leaders Slam Trump Administration Over Report Of Planned ICE Raids

The Oakland mayor said she’d go to jail to defend her city’s sanctuary policies.

WaPo’s Jason Rezaian Returns To Journalism 2 Years After Prison Release

The reporter had been based in Tehran when Iran imprisoned him for 18 months.

John Kelly Said Trump Won’t Build Wall Along Entire U.S.-Mexico Border: Reports

The White House chief of staff also said he was responsible for tempering the president’s opinions.

Yelp Users Are Dragging Trump Hotels By Leaving ‘S**thole’ Reviews

“Perhaps the Trump brand could take some lessons from Norway, where they have the BEST hotels.”

Senate Democrats Failed Dreamers In December. They Might Do It Again.

Many Democrats want protections for Dreamers to be part of the gov’t funding bill. But will enough of them hold firm?

How Our Reality Show President Is Changing The Way Politics And Culture Mix

In his first year, Trump has wielded culture with sound and fury, marking a major shift in how U.S. democracy works.

Fox News Once Rode Clinton’s Sex Scandal To Power. Now It’s Downplaying Trump’s.

The network has been almost silent on the president’s alleged affair with Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels.