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Black Films Soared In The ’90s, But Didn’t Spur Lasting Change In Hollywood

Decades after the success of ’90s black films, black filmmakers are on the rise again. Will the momentum last this time?

Muslim Women Forced To Remove Hijab For Mugshots File Civil Rights Lawsuit

When New York police took a photo of her without a headscarf, plaintiff Jamilla Clark said, “I felt as if I were naked.”

Behind Millions Of Cash Raised By Parkland Students, An Adult Board Of Directors

Students may be the face of the gun violence prevention movement, but there are also adults working behind the scenes.

This New Dating Trend Is Even Worse Than Ghosting

Mosting is like ghosting, but on steroids.

Climate Change Could Be Fueling Strength Of Back-To-Back Nor’easters

But the reason behind the frequency of them may be more complicated.

John Kelly Sure Seems Like A Jerk

He’s humiliated a Cabinet official, lied about a congresswoman and lamented the lack of “compromise” in the Civil War.

Americans Say 2-to-1 That We Never Should Have Invaded Iraq

Fewer than a quarter think history will judge the Iraq War as even a partial success.

LeBron James Once Gained 7 Pounds In A Single NBA Playoff Game

Teammates who reportedly saw the scale confirmed the story.

Parkland Survivors Call Out Media For Ignoring Gun Violence In Black Communities

“We have to use our white privilege” to help elevate those most affected by gun violence, one student survivor said.

Uber Halts Autonomous Vehicle Testing After Death Involving Self-Driving Car

A self-driving car that was being tested by Uber was involved in the death of pedestrian in Arizona.