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That Viral Story About Raccoons ‘Drunk’ On Crab Apples Just Took A Very Sad Turn

At least one of the raccoons likely had distemper, a serious viral illness.

Someone Shot And Killed A Dolphin Off The Coast Of California

A marine animal rescue group is offering a reward of $5,000 for information leading to conviction of the perp.

Camp Fire Survivors Are Now Refugees In Their Own Country

In makeshift refugee camps, survivors of Northern California’s Camp fire face homelessness, norovirus and loss.

College Humor Imagines What It’s Like To Be Kanye West’s Social Media Manager

The rapper has said in the past that he “can’t be managed.”

Man With Persistent Runny Nose Learns He Had Leaking Brain Fluid

Greg Phillpotts told ABC 11 that for years he believed his symptoms were due to allergies.

Trump Calls Saudi Arabia A ‘Spectacular Ally’ Despite CIA’s Khashoggi Findings

The agency reportedly concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the journalist’s murder.

There Were Zero Things Better This Week Than The Ratio On Eddie Scarry’s Tweet

Except maybe Jelani Cobb’s perfect reference to a Jill Scott video.

Emotional Video Shows Woman Reunite With Cat Who Ran Off Into CA Wildfire

The lucky pet survived the blaze and will be returning to his family soon.

Joe Biden Just Adopted An Adorable Shelter Dog

The former vice president has been fostering Major, a German shepherd, and decided to make things permanent.

Argentina Finds Missing Sub One Year Later But Lacks Resources To Surface It

Officials are figuring out what to do about the sub, which had 44 people on board.