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Feds Investigating Millions Of Fake Messages Opposing Net Neutrality: Report

FCC Commissioner conceded that 500,000 fake comments urging the death of the popular system came from Russian emails.

Antiquated Or Integral? Ohio Students May Soon Have To Learn Cursive

Under a new curriculum, students would be required to master the craft by the end of elementary school.

Loyal Dog Found Guarding Home Weeks After Wildfire Burned It To The Ground

Madison, an Anatolian shepherd, somehow survived the Camp Fire that tore through Paradise, California.

Jennifer Lopez Shares Adorable Photos Of A-Rod And Kids Decorating For Christmas

“The best times are with these little ones,” J.Lo wrote on Instagram.

Read James Comey’s Testimony To The House Oversight Committee

The former FBI director answered the GOP-led committee’s questions behind closed doors.

School’s Active Shooter Drill Sparks Controversy Over Chaos, Panic That Followed

The Florida school district vowed to make “changes” after the “code red” drill went awry.

Murder Charges Filed In Death Of North Carolina Teen Hania Aguilar

A 34-year-old man was charged on 10 counts just hours before the 13-year-old’s funeral.

TX Rep.: If Trump Weren’t President Or Privileged, ‘He’d Be In Court Right Now’

The Texas Democrat also said Congress has to be willing to consider impeachment.

Butterfly Sanctuary Says Trump’s Border Wall Will Plow Through Crucial Habitat

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a case this week that challenged the wall on environmental grounds.

Republicans Around The Country Are Working To Declare Democrats Unconstitutional

Lame-duck power grabs in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina are part of a larger effort delegitimize any opponent.