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Trump Scrambles To Avoid A Special Election Defeat In This Rust Belt District

Democrat Conor Lamb is hoping for victory in a union-heavy district that Trump won by 20 points.

Women Of Color Are Leading The Charge For Racial Justice In Legal Weed

With marijuana fully legal in California, women of color are fighting to repair harm done by its prohibition.

Obama’s Birthday Message To Michelle Will Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy

“I love your strength, your grace and your determination.”

White House Attorney: Trump ’Very Eager’ To Speak With Mueller For Russia Probe

When asked if he’d be willing to be interviewed for the probe, President Trump was noncommittal.

Samantha Bee: ‘Trump Hates Black And Brown People’

“Exhibit A: Everything Trump has said since he took office.”

Trump Dished Out Fake News Awards. Twitter Dished Them Right Back At Him.

That didn’t get the reaction he was hoping for.

Why Trump’s Heart Report Isn’t A Clear-Cut Diagnosis

Which doctor is right? It depends.