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770,000 Indexes Just Died, But There’s Still 2.96 Million Left

770,000 Indexes Just Died, But There’s Still 2.96 Million Left

An astonishing 770,000 benchmark indexes were scrapped around the world in 2019, according to Bloomberg, possibly signaling a retreat from passive investing. 

But even more ri…

On China, LeBron James Is a Coward

NBA superstar LeBron James says Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey was “misinformed” and “wasn’t educated on the situation at hand” when he tweeted in… Read More

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Sisters reunited after 75 years thanks to online DNA test

Two sisters who were unaware the other existed their entire lives meet each other for the very first time in 75 years thanks to a DNA kit from

Hunter Biden on new wife he married after 6 days, matching ‘shalom’ tattoos

Hunter Biden’s complicated professional life, coupled with his messy personal one, continued this week to have a negative impact on his father, former Vice President Joe Biden’s, third bid for the White House. 

Bryce Harper says there’s no ‘jealousy’ after Nationals make World Series without him

Even though Bryce Harper will be watching his former team, the Washington Nationals from the TV screen following their World Series appearance, the MLB all-star says he isn’t jealous of their recent success.

Market Spooked By Upcoming “Bad Cop” Pence China Speech

Market Spooked By Upcoming “Bad Cop” Pence China Speech

At roughly the same time that today’s Boeing news hit, revealing that instant messages by Boeing employees in 2016 indicated employees misled the FAA about a key safety system on the …

Barber accommodates boy with autism, cuts hair outside

There’s nothing that a fresh hair cut can’t fix.

Hong Kong demonstrators parody Xi Jinping, LeBron James to protest government ban on masks

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters took to the streets Friday wearing masks of President Xi Jinping, LeBron James and various cartoon characters in a show of defiance against a government ban on face coverings.

Donna Brazile: Biden campaign ‘needs to be concerned’ about cash woes

Fox News contributor Donna Brazile said on Friday that former Vice President Joe Biden’s lack of campaign cash warrants “concern.”

House Republicans blast Dems for withholding impeachment docs, demand access to records

Republican members of several House panels involved in the formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump are blasting House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for withholding records related to their investigation from GOP lawmakers invol…