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James Comey warns Democrats against socialism: ‘Please, please don’t lose your minds’

Former FBI Director James Comey waded back into the political fray on Twitter Sunday, warning Democrats not to “rush to the socialist left” in upcoming elections.

Branson duck boat operator was warned in 2017 of dangers, inspector says

Mechanical inspector Steven Paul said Sunday he warned the company operating the now-capsized duck boat in Missouri about massive design flaws and dangerous safety issues almost a year before Thursday’s tragic accident that killed 17 people and injured…

Branson duck boat operator was warned in 2017 of dangers, inspector says

By Barnini Chakraborty Source:: Fox News National

Official: Woman impaled by beach umbrella at Maryland beach

A spokeswoman for a Maryland beach town says a woman has been accidentally impaled in the chest by a beach umbrella.

Reporter Vs. Marine: The Combat Fitness Test

Daily Caller, by Ford Springer Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 22 10 2018 11:10:22 GMT It doesn’t matter how many times The Daily Caller’s reporters head out to Marine Corps Base Quantico, the result is always the same. In the latest episode of “Reporter vs. Marine,” Ford Springer and Leah Jessen went up against two Marines in the Combat Fitness Test. They gave it their best, but as usual, it wasn’t enough. (Video) “Reporter vs.” is a web series where TheDC puts its reporters into the shoes of professionals who face adversity that is unimaginable to a pencil pushing member of the fourth estate. At most news outlets, reporters might be afraid to try, and

Gowdy rips Trump over Putin, but REALLY NAILS Democrats and the FBI [FULL interview]

Trey Gowdy had a pretty revealing interview this morning that is worth watching. Here’s the full interview Here are some of the main points: Gowdy did NOT like what Trump did at . . .

WSJ/NBC Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Inches Higher, Buoyed by Republican Support

Despite a week of constant criticism by the media, Democrats, and certain members of the Republican party for his meeting with Vladamir Putin in Helsinki, Donald Trump’s approval ratings increased to the highest level of his presidency according to a Wall Street Journal/ NBC poll.

Uber Driver Suspended After Secretly Livestreaming Passengers On Twitch

Jason Gargac reportedly filmed more than 700 rides for online audiences without his passengers’ knowledge.

WATCH: Brawl Breaks Out at Detroit Taco Joint After Customer Cuts the Line

A brutal brawl broke out inside a Detroit taco joint on July 13 between three customers when a man in a red shirt and cap sauntered to the front of the line.