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Northern California wildfire jumps single road leading to rural communities

Wind-driven wildfires in Northern California forced thousands to evacuate their homes, burned dozens of homes and businesses and threatened to cut off the rural community.

Exclusive — Jim Jordan Confirms Speakership Bid Plans: ‘I Plan on Being Part of That Discussion’

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the founding chairman of the House Freedom Caucus who President Donald Trump says is a “warrior,” plans to enter the House Speaker’s race to succeed outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan, he confirmed in an exclusive interview on The Curt …

Florida hit-and-run driver ‘purposely’ mowed down family, killing father, police say

A Florida man who fatally struck a father and injured his two sons in what police are calling a “random” but “purposely done” hit-and-run attack is in custody Monday as investigators are trying to piece together a motive for the disturbing incident.

Anthony Bourdain participated in ‘death ritual’ on ‘Parts Unknown’ months before suicide

TV chef Anthony Bourdain talked about his own mortality — and participated in an ancient death ritual — in the season finale of his CNN show “Parts Unknown,” which aired about two weeks after his suicide.

How The Constitution Provides Sufficient Common Ground To Solve Immigration

Daily Wire, by Jenna Ellis Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 25 39 2018 03:39:44 GMT In the midst of the recent media hysteria over immigration policy, it’s important to consider that partisan politics loves to dwell in a constant state of controversy, because this encourages tribalism. Consider TIME’s latest cover. It’s a complete sham, intentionally misleading, and its obvious purpose is simply agenda’driven messaging to continue the hysteria. Much like two teams clashing on a sports field with the loyal fans’ emotions stirred into a frenzy and the goal simply to dominate and win, this kind of politicking isn’t framed toward reaching genuine solutions.If our aim is only to win, then we are measuring the

Buzz Aldrin Fights Family For Control of His Space Legacy

Wall Street Journal, by Gretchen Morgenson Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 25 05 2018 04:05:05 GMT Col. Aldrin is grounded in a legal fight with two of his adult children and a former business manager, who he says are trying to grab his legacy and money. At issue are the operations of his private company, Buzz Aldrin Enterprises, and his nonprofit ShareSpace Foundation, overseen by his son and daughter, Andrew and Janice Aldrin.Col. Aldrin said in an interview he was shocked last month when his two children asked a Florida state court to appoint them his co’guardians because he is “in cognitive decline” and experiencing paranoia and confusion. That would give them power to make decisions on

Driver deliberately struck family riding on New Tampa bike path, killing father, police say

Tampa Bay Times, by Josh Fiallo Posted By: Hazymac- Mon, 25 16 2018 04:16:49 GMT TAMPA — A driver made a U’turn, crossed a lane of traffic and a grassy easement then sped up and deliberately slammed into a father and his two young sons as they rode down a bike path, killing the father and the injuring the two sons, Tampa police said. “What type of person would purposely run over a family that was just bicycling down a bike path?” Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said at a Monday news conference. “The suspect accelerated and intentionally ran over the victim.” Mikese Morse, 30, fled the scene of the mid’day Sunday collision and was

How to Re’Elect Trump

Wall Street Journal, by Editorial Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 25 21 2018 04:21:14 GMT Hillary Clinton lost the Presidency in 2016 for many reasons but one was surely because she called people who disagreed with her a “basket of deplorables.” Millions of Americans knew who she meant, and nearly 63 million voted for Donald J. Trump. The political left is now repeating that mistake as its cultural and political vanguard sends a message of condescension, hostility and now ostracism to anyone who voted for Mr. Trump or has worked with or for him for the good of the country. Their relentless contempt might end up re’electing him. On that score don’t underestimate how the refusal by