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Reward offered after third horse since November is killed in Southeast Texas

By Bradford Betz Source:: Fox News National

Journalists target Second Amendment and NRA, and other examples of outrageous media bias

The Parkland, Florida high school shooting that left 17 people dead is a textbook example of how supposedly neutral journalists promote a left-wing agenda – in this case, by showing overwhelming support for gun control.

The Roots Just Rapped An Epic Winter Olympics Recap On ‘The Tonight Show’

“Gerard got the gold early, I hear him cussin’, only 17, still doper than the Russians.”

Woman admits making up story about kidnapping, sexual assault, authorities say

A North Texas woman will be sentenced March 20 after pleading guilty to falsely claiming that three black men kidnapped and sexually assaulted her, a report said Friday.

How many millions can you fork over to super PACs this year?

Hot Air, by Andrew Malcolm Posted By: SurferLad- Sat, 24 36 2018 07:36:16 GMT It’s 255 days and several hundred million dollars until midterm elections on Nov. 6. This far out, money is the political currency of elections. Dollars are the votes. And the bucks are flowing into the political struggle, especially for fearful Republicans, in a desperate bid to fight history’s pattern of congressional control changing hands. [Snip] USA Today has just done an interesting analysis of fundraising so far. And it found that 10 really, really rich people are dominating the donating to federal super PACs

Ester Ledecka Makes Olympic History With Snowboard Gold

She won gold in both the skiing and snowboarding events in Pyeongchang.

Payments to top college basketball players listed in FBI documents: report

New details of payments to athletes in a federal investigation that has lurked in the shadows since first rocking college basketball last fall mark the latest threat to the sport’s basic foundation, showing the breadth of alleged corruption.