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Vandals suspected after 200,000 honeybees killed, 100 hives destroyed in California

An estimated 200,000 honeybees were reportedly killed Saturday in California when vandals, in what’s being called a “senseless act,” doused them with gasoline.

Minutes passed before Hawaii called feds about bogus alert

It took Hawaii officials more than 20 minutes to contact federal authorities to seek guidance after realizing they had sent out a bogus alert saying there was a missile headed toward the islands.

Trump Will Address March for Life via Satellite

President Donald Trump will address Friday’s March for Life in Washington, D.C., live from the White House Rose Garden via satellite, making him the first sitting U.S…. Read More

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Christian convert from Iran converting Muslims in Sweden

From escaping Iran through the mountains as a Muslim refugee, to surviving domestic abuse and months in Turkey’s terrifying Agri prison, to carving out a life in Europe, Annahita Parsan’s life story is the stuff of a Hollywood movie.

Ashleigh Banfield Responds To Insulting Email From Aziz Ansari Story Reporter

The HLN anchor read a portion of an email in which Katie Way bashed her age and looks.

Suspect In Killing Of Blaze Bernstein Reportedly Told Police He Hit On Him

Samuel Woodward, 20, was charged Wednesday with the murder of his former high school classmate.

International Court Pushes Gay Marriage on 20 Latin American Nations

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights last week called for the recognition of same-sex marriage and of proclaimed “gender identity” as a protected category for… Read More

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Tom Steyer to Mobilize Millennials in Conservative Orange County

Left-wing billionaire and environment activist Tom Steyer is reportedly pouring millions of dollars into Orange County, California, to mobilize millennial voters to turn at least four at-risk red seats blue and shift the Republican majority in the Hou…

Every feminist needs to watch THIS DEBATE… also every anti-feminist

This very civil and fascinating debate between Professor Jordan Peterson and Channel 4’s Cathy Newman on whether feminism and the demand for “equal pay” (a misnomer) is making women happier, or more . . .

Apple Employees Receive $2,500 Bonus Thanks to Trump Tax Plan

Apple is reportedly giving $2,500 bonuses to most global employees in stock units thanks to President Trump’s new tax law.