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GOP lawmakers tweet about ‘scary’ train crash on way to West Virginia retreat

Politicians took to Twitter minutes after news broke that a train carrying GOP lawmakers to a retreat in West Virginia collided with a dump truck.

Orcas Can Mimic Human Speech, Research Suggests

The new report is ~ making waves ~ in marine biology circles.

Hillary Clinton Regrets She Didn’t Fire Staffer Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Hillary Clinton explained why she let a 2008 campaign adviser keep his job despite allegations of sexual harassment.

Why It’s Important To Celebrate The Brilliance Of Black Glory This Month

We are magnificent. We are beautiful. We are #BlackGlory.

Pro-Amnesty Democrat SOTU Response: Joe Kennedy Speaks Spanish to ‘Dreamers’

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) pushed amnesty for illegal aliens while speaking in Spanish in his Democrat response to President Trump’s “State of the Union” address.

Wasinger: As Russia Narrative Implodes, Establishment Targets Trump Loyalists to Impede Trump Agenda

Donald Trump
Having never fully recovered from the humiliating and shocking electoral defeat at the hands of political neophyte Donald Trump over a year ago, the Deep State and establishment media set to work immediately to reverse that intolerable outcome by weaving a patently ludicrous “Russia conspiracy” narrative about the shoestring campaign that took them all to the cleaners. Now that this narrative, and the corrupt investigation it engendered, is collapsing around their ears — with more and more attention being devoted to the very real collusion between our intelligence agencies, Democratic operatives, and Big Media to bring down this presidency — the establishment is quickly pivoting to another tack: attacking the “credentials” of Trump loyalists within the administration in an attempt to block a presidential policy agenda that they regard with abhorrence. Make no mistake: the DC policy establishment, right and left alike, are well aware that they are facing the very real prospect of the collapse of their carefully nurtured policy priorities of the last three decades if President Trump carries through on the agenda he ran on, and they are determined not to let that happen. After all, their own long-standing policy preferences — for war, free trade uber

SOTU Poll: Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Planned Wall on Southern Border

The majority of Americans want a wall along the southern border to protect the United States and American workers from illegal aliens pouring into the country.

NEW: Trump ALSO asked Rosenstein for something like a LOYALTY pledge…

According to new reporting from CNN, it looks like Trump asked FBI Deputy Director Rosenstein for something akin to a loyalty pledge. Watch below: BREAKING: In a meeting with Rod Rosenstein, President . . .

Did Trump Really Beat ISIS? Here Are the Facts.

“We’re gonna beat ISIS very, very quickly, folks. It’s gonna be fast. I have a great plan. It’s going to be great. They ask, ‘What… Read More

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